Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV)

The end of ETH Classic
The team’s main developer behind Classic Ethereum left the project due to lack of funds. The original decentralized Cryptocurrency cannot be saved-the time has come to a fork that is difficult.

Ethereum unsustainable
Code ETH have “difficulty” bomb embedded in it-a piece of code that reduces the efficiency of mining the new block, until the validation process stops completely-this is known as the “last ice age Ethereum “. There is no proposal of improvement that offers real solutions–and promised to change the mechanism of Evidence-Peg is still many years longer. Gifts for the miners will be reduced and the cost of the rent will be introduced for smart contracts. Giant mining group will need more resources, and individual mining will lose the sense of economy. ETH has been disappointing supporters-and the price will continue to drop.

Ethereum Classic Vision is the branch of the Ethereum leverages the best of both worlds-a true decentralization Ethereum Classic and sophisticated protocols developed for the ETH, as mining Po and Sharding. With the potential of a huge penskalaannya, high speed, and great appreciation for the miners, Ethereum Classic Vision is the final answer to the challenges of today’s market. During difficult times to come on January 11, 2019, Ethereum holders will receive all 3 ETCV to every ETH in their private purse.

What is ETCV?
ETCV stands for Ethereum and ticker (symbol) of the new digital assets to be created as a result of a planned hard fork.

What are the advantages given Ethereum classic Vision on appeal with the ETH?
We hope to achieve a full transition to mining Outpost and validation much more quickly than is happening at network Ethereum; the same applies to implementation of sharding. We will ensure that the owner of smart contracts will still pay only one time installation fee and will not be forced to pay storage costs of rent, as recently announced by Vitalik Buterin. Finally, we are planning integration with decentralized storage systems IPFS and decentralized Exchange built-in to modify the Ethereum Classic Vision into a full-scale environment to develop and use new digital assets.

Why Ethereum Classic Vision?
Ethereum Classic Vision combines these three features that should be owned by blockchain a truly successful: decentralization, scalability, and security. It offers a number of significant advantages compared to the ETH, ETC, and BTC:

Mining protocol more efficient, secure, and rewarding that will make the network fully decentralized.

ETCV network will can process 25000 + transactions per second compared with only 25 in the ETH.

Fair rewards
ETCV miners need not worry that their gifts will be reduced arbitrarily — in our system, the interests of miners and traders are carefully balanced.

There is no storage charges rental.
Launches the smart contract will cost at least one time; contracts that are not used can be placed into temporary sleeping conditions as a result of the vote.

Integration Of IPFS
Decentralized storage files for Your bargains dApp.

Proof-of-excellence Peg ETH

Resource efficiency
Lower costs means that the mining would be profitable for ETCV individual miners with hardware as simple as Raspberry Pi

The stability of the
ETCV holders get more coins by taking stakes, so there is no motive to sell-thus, the price will go up steadily ETCV instead of falling.

If the validator block violates the rules or to act evil, they lose their deposits and the status of their deposits.

Real decentralization
There is no risk that the collection of mining giant would take over control blockchain ETCV-it will remain independent of any central authority.

Fork hard Ethereum Classic Vision-January 11, 2019
Snapshot of network ETH will be taken on January 11, 2019. All users who hold the ETH in their personal purse at the time snapshot will receive 3 per each ETCV ETH after fork.

Note: you must hold the ETH in your personal wallet (Jaxx, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano, etc.) To get your free ETCV after fork. Wallet exchanges are not accepted!


For information detail visit the link below :

Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision – 11.01.19
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