Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard fork of Ethereum that use the best of the two universes – genuine decentralization of Ethereum Classic and forefront conventions produced for ETH, for example, PoS mining and sharding. With its massive scaling potential, rapid, and extraordinary prizes for mineworkers, Ethereum Classic Vision is a definitive response to the present difficulties of the market. Amid the forthcoming hard fork on January 11, 2019, all Ethereum holders will get 3 ETCV for each ETH in their own wallets.

Ethereum Classic Vision is another digital currency that plans to connect this gap of desires and reality. A hard fork of Ethereum, it will use most developed arrangements proposed for the world’s second-biggest advanced money, in the meantime saving the perfect of decentralization.

The undertaking will consolidate such advances asmsharding, P2P resource trade, dApp improvement instruments, and decentralized document stockpiling utilizing IPFS. Beginning as a PoW-based framework, it will later offer stable prizes tomtransaction validators because of the execution of Proof-of-Stake, in the meantime making an ideal situation for sending new resources.

Ethereum Classic Vision is an up and coming hard fork of Ethereum – another digital currency that proposes strong and productive responses to the emergency in the blockchain business. Ethereum – the world’s driving stage for improvement and organization of blockchainnapplications – at present ends up in a profound emergency.

Various arrangements are proposed, yet none of them have been executed up until this point – and the present course of Ethereum administration does not ingrain much positive thinking for what’s to come. Settling existing issues will take years, and the arrangements themselves can prompt much greater issues down the line.

ETH proof-of-Stake advantages

  • Resource efficiency
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Real decentralization


Ethereum is unsustainable

ETH code includes a “difficulty bomb” designed into it – a bit of code that decreases the potency of mining new blocks, till the validation method stops fully – this can be called the “Ethereum ice age”. None of the development proposals supply a true answer – and therefore the secure switch to a Proof-of-Stake mechanism continues to be years away. Rewards for miners are going to be lowered and rent fees are going to be introduced for sensible contracts. big mining pools can take ever additional power, and individual mining can lose economic sense. ETH has failing its supporters – and its worth can keep falling.

ETCV Technical Feature project
The project will combine such technologies as sharding, P2P asset exchange or VisionDEX, decentralized App development tools, and decentralized file storage using Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Starting out as at Proof-of-Work (PoW) based system, it will later offer stable rewards to transaction validators thanks to the implementation of Proof-of-Stake (POS), at the same time creating an optimal environment for deploying new assets.
ETCV Roadmap

Get Ethereum Classic Vision via Bounty

Our bounty could be a fantastic chance to induce ETCV coins at no cost – whether or not you don’t have any ether! All you’ve got to try and do is register for the bounty campaign and opt for the sort of tasks you relish most. Post concerning Ethereum Classic Vision on Twitter, produce video reviews on YouTube, write journal posts and articles – we’ll reward all of your efforts!

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