Hello Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my today’s review on a project with a mandate to eradicate smart contract challenges through the use of blockchain technology, most of you must have invested in ICOs without any prior research and this has resulted to losing your hard earned money, it is on this background I deem it fit to make reviews of viable ICOs project without sentiment.

Ethereum Limited [ETHL], it is a unique blockchain oriented platform that seeks to provide the best of services in all smart contracts. It is a very trusted and a reliable platform where smart contract is carried out in a safe, secure, reliable, easy to use, transparent, efficient, effective and immutable way, giving you the best satisfaction you could ever have from smart contract and consequently the blockchain technology. Believe me, I have done a lot of research on this project and I give a thumbs up for it.

Ethereum Limited is a platform on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a smart platform for contract creation and execution. Users can create their own smart contract by answering some bot questions.

This platform out performs all other because it makes the establishment of smart contract as easy as possible and it doesn’t just stop there it makes sure that every smart contract created is fulfilled to the letter without any interference or future changes. It makes smart contract to be carried in the highest form of security and transparency such that each party involved in the creation of such a contraction gets maximum satisfaction from its outcome. It also enables smart contract to be created between two or more people anywhere in the world, making ETHEREUM LIMITED PLATFORM accessible worldwide delivering the same outstanding service to every individual who accesses it anywhere in the world.


– Ethereum Limited is a very limited token that sits on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a token generated from the need; Do not interfere with external interference and to tamper with the transaction.

– Ethereum Limited is a platform built on vulnerabilities of the current Ethereum platform and gives users modified version of Blockchain – with lots of features.

– Ethlimited allows users to run smart contracts easily as repeating the alphabet. It eliminates the need for third party parasite. In doing this, it brings more value to its users, much larger than the Ether. It is also very limited and subject to supply and demand, which agrees that the provision of electronic funds as little as each coin is valued.

– To ensure that the value of Ethereum Limited crosses the value of Ethereum, it only supplies a maximum of 10 million while Ethereum has a maximum supply of about 100 million.

In a simple mathematical term, this means that 1 Ethereum Limited is worth ten times more than 1 ethereum. Ethereum Limited aims at the price of EThere um before the year 2019 ends.

– Final transaction: We believe that proposed core values of any blockchain are invariant; Valid transactions may never be deleted or deleted, and it can be retrieved by anyone at any time.

– Manage the authorization: when something is distributed, there is nobody focusing on determining what happens or not, and it does not reside in a single location. Because eth limited is lost in focus, it naturally leveraged all the advantages of the decentralized that its users prefer

– Including Privacy: How do I guarantee privacy on eth limited?

With eth limited, the right to privacy is guaranteed because the transaction information is not flowing into a single point, they may use a lot of points to complete it. With EThe-reum, privacy is guaranteed because it is hard to keep track of information across the network.

-Ease of Use: The foundation creates smart contracts with our user-friendly. Thousands of templates ready to select will be available for customization.

Market: Can not find the smart contract form not tailored to your needs? Need a custom template, but you can’t do it yourself? Hiring a different platform user through our market.

Ethereum Limited Smart contracts will help you to exchange your money, property, stocks, or everything valuable in a transparent, conflict-free way avoiding brokerage services.

Some key features about the features about this platform includes transaction finality, speed, security, privacy, clear communication, efficiency, trust, transparency, less paper work and no middle man. This is a truly amazing innovation and I am proud to share it with you.


The initial coin offering is ongoing. It token use and business model are pointers that the project will skyrocket in the nearest future.

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