Ethereum Private is an innovative crypto currency that has the advantages of ethereum, neo and Zcash, a form of digital currency provided by cryptography and released on a decentralized mining market. Ethereum Private presents a unique form of working proof based on prime numbers, while retaining all the benefits of an intellectual contract.
Ethereum Private hides all information to protect user privacy in all transactions. It also has dynamic block size and dynamic cost and proof of ASIC-proof work.
Ethereum Private’s mission is to create an open global economic platform that can not be excluded by anyone. The Company believes that personal secrecy is necessary for basic human values, such as dignity, intimacy, and ethics. Companies must have confidentiality to do business. Confidentiality reinforces social ties and social institutions, ensures democracy and civil political processes, protects people from their enemies and helps people become more peaceful and prosperous.
Ethereum Private is a scientific team. The pioneers of basic scientific methods and technology developers, but not the main network controllers – this power is in the hands of users. The Company believes in decentralization, which contributes to security and equity.
Ethereum Private strives to offer all the following functions:
Ethereum Private uses the same privacy technology as Zcash (zk-snarks). This means that payments are issued in a public block chain, but the sender, recipient, and other transaction metadata remain unidentifiable.
Not listed
The sender and receiver of the address, as well as the number of transactions by default are confused. Transactions on the Ethereum private blocker can not be tied to a particular user or reality.
Resistance to quantum computers.
If there is one thing that can cause real problems for the entire scope of the block chain, this is definitely quantum computing.
Ethereum Private will withstand ASIC machines.  To support decentralized network.
The following list shows the Ethereum Private and other comparative analyzes:
March 2018
Market opportunity research – global analysis
The initial study is completed and the concept is complete
Problem analysis and decision thinking
April 2018
Construction of research and development groups to test the hypothesis and practicality of its application.
Connection with legal groups on structures and arrangements in preparation for ICO. and connections with great exchange to support new coins.
May 2018
Launching a website
Launch CrowdSale and expand the team to optimize the operation. Consult with relevant industry groups for potential discussions and partnerships.
June 2018
Launch token
list   WhitePaper   in a decentralized exchange, Maybe before this date if the sale is complete.
24 July 2018
Distribution of tokens to campaign participants for Twitter and take off
25 July 2018
Pictures of ETH and ETHPT
25 Juli 2018 00:00 GMT
August 2018.
List of official wallets.
Ethereum.  Private.  At large exchanges.  We have contacted them.
Lunch Trading Platform.
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