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Every day, every person increasingly needs technology in every activity. Along with the development of technology today, the profession of every society in the world is also beginning to change, one of the most popular professions today is traders. Basically, traders are only offline, where everyone buys foreign currency from a counter and resells it when prices go up, as time goes by they begin to enter the digital world and their trade material is shares of companies throughout the world.

The growing interest in blockchain technology has aroused interest in ICO rampage and cryptocurrency in general. Recent years have seen the market cover of crypto ethereum rise to an all-time high of $ 835 and has become a major financial asset.

Blockchain technology is a transparent digital book of transactions and records that are immune to changes or deletions. Offering additional properties of improved security, lower costs, time efficiency, and error resistance, blockchain has increased, fluctuated in 2017. The blockchain technology utility is unlimited, triggering a growing list of companies, industries and governments to explore the adoption of its potential . Blockchain is a timeless public ledger that records digital transactions.

What is EthereumOne Coins?

Ethereum One is an ERC20 token that is traded on the Ethereum network, created to help users find alternative fiat currencies that are safe, fast, and reliable. Ethereum One Coins supports a decentralized cryptocurrency, not ripples controlled by the bank or state issued. Ethereum One supports decentralized projects such as Bitcoin, Verge & DigiByte.

EthereumONE wants to make a difference because it is the goal of the project and its mission. The aim of our project is to make a difference for everyone who does not have a bank account. EthereumONE is a cryptocurrency and de-structured project, and we want to see people and businesses around the world to adopt what our project will do to help them, especially in controlling their own funds. Blockchain is one of the most amazing innovations in our lives and we are still in the first stage, because we believe in the blockchain and know the potential and what can be taken for 3 billion people without a bank account in the world.

The EthereumONE founder has envisioned a future where EthereumONE is widely accepted as a payment method in all countries, and has become an important part of the traditional financial system. They have seen a world where people who work every day can save their work values ​​in units of safe values ​​called EthereumONE. EthereumONE is a de-facto global currency, used by banks, insurance companies, and daily trading, contributing to the friction of the world’s free trade, where buying and selling is now greatly facilitated thanks to EthereumONE.

Benefits of EthereumOne

  • Lack of restrictions, because EthereumOne can be converted to local fiat currencies from anywhere in the world;
  • EthereumOne maintenance costs are low, because there are no transaction fees deducted to maintain balance.
  • Portability. Ownership is stored and access to the world wideonethereum network.
  • Secured account security, due to the availability of private keys.
  • Shop value, EthereumOne Coins are limited in inventory so they don’t erode the value.

Token Information

Name: EthereumOne
Token: ETO
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

Currencies: ETH
Tokens for sale: 70,000,000 ETO

Token price: 1 ETO = 0.057 USD
Minimum purchase: 350 ETO
Maximum purchase: 35,000 ETO

Bonus program:
Get bonuses 20% if buy more than 5 Ether

HARDCAP: 3.000.000$
SOFTCAP: 1.000.000$


50% — 35,000,000 for token sale
20% — 14,000,000 for Team
20% — 14,000,000 for Bounty & Airdrop
10% — 7,000,000 for Development

Funds allocation:

20% — Development
30% — Pay Listing Fees
50% — BuyBack Tokens


At the end of 2018 we are going to launch an
APP which will support our payment
solution, so every one can use and pay with
EthereumONE around the world as long as
they have a mobile phone.

Furthermore in 2019 we are launching our
own decentralized Exchange and also
launching virtual wallets so you can have
your Ethereum ONE safely stored in your own
wallet on your Computer are on Mobile phone.

We encourage to take part of this project and we
need help in a wide range of areas form support,
development, project ambassadors and more



If you want to take part in this project, please follow the link below



Forum Username : Cengsuwi45
Forum Profile link :;u=1566297
wallet address : 0x113185977068cF841A70f619CB33F3deEF865A76


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