Building, Managing, Running Applications and Decentralized Organizations
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EtherInc or einc is designed to create unique protocols for building, managing, and running decentralized applications and organizations. The goal of this blockchain solution is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to build and operate decentralized companies that are free of limitations, costs and cross-border intermediaries. This collaborative approach will help drive more value into the product and also increase the company’s trust and resilience. EtherInc intends to be available worldwide to entrepreneurs wherever they need this essential service.
How EtherInc Ethereum Crypto Blockchain Fork Works.
Creating, managing, and operating an organization can be complicated by long documents, bank visits, legal complexities, unnecessary costs and intermediaries and third parties imposing artificial restrictions. 
We are building a passion to empower teams around the world to create, manage and operate a more robust and trustworthy decentralized democratic organization, enabling efficient value creation without boundaries, limitations and costly intermediaries.
Proposal Type
● Publish Shares
● Investment
● Set Stock
● Selling Shares
● Appoint the CEO
● Fire CEO
● Payment / Salary
● Rename Law
● Voting Rules
● Operational Proposal
● Close eInc
● Add Member
● Delete Member
● Change Member Role
● Add New Role
● Select Proposal
● Run Proposal
LAYER  einc

Better, faster, safer and cheaper


   We decided to take a different path from Ethereum with:

  • Reduced block time from 15s to 6s, which increases:
  • Network transactions per second with 2.5x
  • The transaction confirmation rate is 2.5x
  • Miner’s prize of 2.5x
  • Removed the prize uncle
  • Implement limited inventory for mined coins
This makes blockchain eInc faster than Ethereum and allows better scaling while maintaining decentralization.

   einc is made as a fork of Ethereum blockchain with replay protection and hence, has all the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain with some of our additional enhancements.
EtherInc has succeeded in establishing a so-called comprehensive abstract grounding layer composed of blockchain networks with an inbuilt programming language. This means anyone in the ecosystem will be able to create smart contracts as well as other decentralized applications where they can set their own ownership rules, state transition functions and transaction formats. This platform will be very useful for making decentralized apps, especially in situations where employers are looking for a fast development time and also different application capabilities interact efficiently.
ETI Token ICO ETI Retail 
  • ICO pre sale started: 05/07/18 
  • ICO sale pre ends: 05/15/18 
  • ICO sales start: 05/25/18 
  • ICO sale ends: 06/25/18 
  • Coin symbol: ETI 
  • Total supply of coins: 997,528,142 ETI 
  • Number of coins in coinsale: 450,000,000 ETI 
  • Eliminating Initial Costs and Triggering Businesses
As mentioned above, all the costs and hassle around startup have forced many dreams to be missed. EtherIn eliminates all legal, operational and financial requirements to create a new startup. To launch your company, all you have to do is choose a name first and you can set up your blockchain company. Next, you can add founding members and then start assigning roles to your team.
As part of building your team, EtherInc allows you to issue shares to your founding team, with a unique voting power based on percentage shares. This allows you to seamlessly distribute ownership without borders, allowing you to bring various experts into your company. You can also determine how certain actions in your company are triggered or decided by creating a smart contract.
In the case of collaboration, EtherInc offers a sound platform where business owners can create a company proposal for voting. The voting process is done in a very safe way that is impossible to forge. Proposals received may then be entered into smart contracts, with payments being triggered only after all terms in the contract have been met.
Another well-known way in which EtherInc intends to spur the business to grow on its platform is by providing a new protocol for crowdfunding. By using token token contracts, you can raise funds to grow your company from anywhere in the world.
EtherInc Coinsale
  • Coin name of EtherInc Coin
  • ETI coin symbol
  • Blockchain EtherInc
  • Total supply of coin 997,528,142 ETI
  • Number of coins in koinale 450,000,000 ETI
  • ETI Price $ 0.10
  • Soft cap $ 1.000.000
  • Hard hat $ 22,000,000
  • ICO sales begin on June 7, 2018
  • ICO sales pre ended June 15, 2018
  • ICO sales begins June 25, 2018
  • ICO sales ends July 25, 2018
  • EtherInc Coin Distribution
  • 97.528.142 The ETI will be distributed to Ethereum holders who have ETH in their wallet balance at the time of the fork in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • 100,000,000 ETI coins have been set aside for the EtherInc Startup Fund to support startups who register their organizations at
  • 450,000,000 ETI coins will be available for sale at Coinsale eInc.
  • 100,000,000 ETI coins have been earmarked for such Strategic Partnerships 
  • partnerships with other Wallet partners to include ETIs and for partnerships that help build and further build ETI ecosystems.
  • Only 150,000,000 ETI coins have been allocated to the eInc Community. These coins will be used to reward founders, team members, advisers, and fund product development, marketing, promotion, awareness, air titles, gifts and referral campaigns for the EtherInc platform, (30,000,000 ETI) will be the company’s reserves for various operations.
  • 100,000,000 ETI coins will be commissioned for future development of EtherInc and will be awarded for 5 years (33.33% released in Years 3, 4 and 5).
  • 60,000,000 ETI coins will be available for EtherInc development.
  • 37.500.000 ETI coins will be available for the Team (will be held for 6 months after crowdsale).
  • 30,000,000 ETI will be the company’s reserves for various operations.
  • 15,000,000 ETI coins will be available for marketing, gifts and airdrops.
  • 7,500,000 ETI coins will be available to advisors.

The eInc organization is a smart contract with pre-defined protocol (eInc protocol) and runs on EtherInc blockchain, each eInc has a unique name and will be managed by eIncNS (eInc organization name service) smart contract.

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