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EtherJack is a Platform that focuses on smart-contract based Jackpot Games, which will provide Users, a safe and convenient game, and fully run on on-chain and off-chain technologies. The entire process running on EtherJack will be controlled by Users with a rule whereby the first User a bid fills the jackpot, and the latter offers a win and gets a big prize. The entire process running on EtherJack does not require a third party, so this enables a possible cheating and data manipulation. EtherJack will be fully transparent and secure for Users.

Getting Started Development

The EtherJack team develops this Platform using the Blockchain system and smart-contract system that will secure all transactions made by Users and does not allow backdoors for developers, so games Users play will not be manipulated or cheated. The team from EtherJack developed this Platform using a system where latency attendance does not destroy the game nor make it less interactive or interesting, so EtherJack will provide Users with a game that is completely transparent and fair, with clear and targeted rules.

By participating , you are supporting the creators of the project to help them reach their goal.
Token sale is live with the price set at 0,004 ETH per JACK token.
For all the additional details please visit :
Bounty Campaigns :
Another way of participating in the project is through bounty campaigns , where you can help the creators of the project with the marketing in different ways. For example through social network like Facebook or Twitter , or even translating the project to a different language and so on.
For your participation you will be rewarded with tokens.
Additional information about the bounty campaigns you can check at the following link :

There is also an official thread at bitcointalk forum for all the fans of crypto currencies , where you are more than welcomed to join and take part in the discussion about the project. All that and more at:

Some of the links you might need :
Official web page :
Whitepaper :
Twitter :
Telegram :

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