EtherJack- Smart full jackpot game transparent under Smart Etherum Contract

The rules are simple: there’s a massive jackpot, and people are placing bids to claim it, within allowed time after the last bid. If no bid comes, the last to claim gets it. If bids keep coming, the jackpot grows further.
The game process is described by an immutable Ethereum smart contract, and is solely controlled by players. The source code for the smart contract is published, which guarantees transparency and fairness of the process. The developers left no backdoors or ways to amend the contract once it’s running. If no one places a bid within the timeout, the contract will send all the Jackpot amount to the winner, and nothing can stop that.

This is the game:

There is a jackpot and there is a countdown timer that runs, if someone is bidding the person now claiming the jackpot, the bid is added to the jackpot and the timer reset. If no one claims the jackpot when the timer runs out, go to the last person to bid. The rules are simple

All of the above described are actually implemented in smart contracts with published source code so developers (or others) can not influence the game process, can not manipulate or adapt it, or change the rules quickly. The contract code still ensures the game is transparent and fair for all participants.

JACK token ICO

A total of 1 million Token JACKs were created. 2.5% of the amount
will be used for prize gifts. The remaining 97.2% is available for sale during ICO.

The ICO goes on until the jackpot (Jackpot contract balance) has at least 333 ET.

When the threshold is reached, 2-day timer begins. When the timer runs out,
ICO ends, and the game starts. During ICO, investor transfers Ether to Jackpot Contract (0xe64d5f33E28387855d33980719f27d07992aF) and receives JACK in return.

JACK is the token currency used in the game, so its intrinsic value is
only in accordance with the rules of the game, and the price is increasing according to the code in the contract.

JACK’s selling price changes during ICO, so it’s more profitable to buy first than the last. 20% of each sale during ICO, used for marketing budget. The rest (80%) is used to fill the jackpot. The more Eter accumulates in the jackpot by game start, the more attractive the game is for the players. Player activity generates profits for JACK holders and keeps JACK prices growing faster.

The JACK token has an intrinsic value because it has two main functions:

This can be used for non-Ether bidding (therefore the value is not less than the offer price at any time

The holder can earn (dividend) of all bids made and the new JACK token is sold through the Jackpot contract.

The value of JACK is supported by the presence of the jackpot prize, since the jackpot is the driving factor behind the player who put up the offer. Each time an offer is made, the number of jackpots grows in size, the dividends are paid, and the JACK inventory remains the same. This encourages the growth of the value of JACK.

There is a fixed initial inventory of 1 million JACK. The total supply will never exceed the initial inventory and can only go down because the JACK tokens are burned when used for bidding. No new JACK will be printed.


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