EtherJack – The Smart Transparent Fully Connected Jackpot Game


EtherJack is a Platform that focuses on smart-contract based Jackpot Games, which will provide Users, a safe and convenient game, and fully run on on-chain and off-chain technologies. The entire process running on EtherJack will be controlled by Users with a rule whereby the first User a bid fills the jackpot, and the latter offers a win and gets a big prize. The entire process running on EtherJack does not require a third party, so this enables a possible cheating and data manipulation. EtherJack will be fully transparent and secure for Users.


Getting Started Development

The EtherJack team develops this Platform using the Blockchain system and smart-contract system that will secure all transactions made by Users and does not allow backdoors for developers, so games Users play will not be manipulated or cheated. The team from EtherJack developed this Platform using a system where latency attendance does not destroy the game nor make it less interactive or interesting, so EtherJack will provide Users with a game that is completely transparent and fair, with clear and targeted rules.


EtherJack provides a countdown timer If someone submits a bid it will be directly listed on the list and if no more claim the jackpot when the timer runs out, the entitled to receive the benefit is the last bidder or the last person to send the Ethereum to the designated wallet. EtherJack will provide a token, which can then be used to transact on the EtherJack Platform. Basically, this token can be used to transact between players in the Platform and trade on the exchange that EtherJack provides to Users. The entire process on this Platform will be recorded on the smart-contract and will run entirely in on-chain. The team from EtherJack also developed a Bot named “Croupier”, this Bot will run entirely on the Ethereum system. This bot will work to automatically manage the game and payments on the EtherJack Platform. The EtherJack team developed a dashboard with intuitive features, which will make it easier for Users to set their tokens or simply get an instruction to interact with Croupier, etc.

Token Jack The JACK token has an intrinsic value because it has two main functions: • It can be used to make offers instead of Ether (therefore, its value is not inferior to the offer price at any time); • The owner can obtain (dividends) of all offers made and new JACK chips sold through the Jackpot contract. The value of JACK is supported by the presence of the jackpot prize, since the jackpot is the motivating factor behind the players who bid. Each time an offer is made, the jackpot increases in size, the dividends are paid and the JACK supply remains the same. This drives the growth of JACK’s value. Although the gaming industry continues to grow annually, there are still many online betting sites that pass through third parties that are not subject to any control mechanism and pose a high risk to lottery operators that affect the results of rewards and payments. With the presence of this platform Etherjack will give more confidence to the participants of the Jackpot Game with a decentralized system. As I said before, the game will not show developers and operators but fellow participants. During this period, Etherjack agreed to have an initial chip offering program (ICO) whereby everyone could use “JACK chips” as a betting option for the participants instead of using ethereum. Apart from that, all JACK tokens can be used as a means of investment to resell when prices are higher. Fixed supply of 1 million Token Jack, the token will continue to decline as time goes by, as many people start making offers using Token Jack. When the Token is sent to the airport, it will be calculated in the user’s deposit with a chain distributor and the entire deposit can be withdrawn. Promotion plan It is in the interest of ICO investors and developers to have as many bids as possible and as many JACK chips as possible sold during the game phase. Therefore, it is the task of the creators to attract as many people as possible to the game. The funds raised through the ICO, as well as the participation of the dividends of the Chamber, will be used to acquire new players. The main marketing directions are: • Bounty program in forums. 2.5% of coined JACK will be used for this purpose. The description of the rewards program is available at • Targeted ads on general-purpose platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords. • Paid advertising in cryptocurrencies, ICO and focused portals Ethereum. EtherJack offers a game for which fast transaction processing is not critical and is tolerant to latency. The game is designed in such a way that the presence of latency does not break the game or make it less interactive or attractive. Therefore, EtherJack enjoys all the advantages of a game in the chain (100% fair and transparent, with clearly defined and immutable rules) and does not suffer the disadvantages associated with slow processing speeds. LINKS:

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