EtherJack – The Smart Transparent Fully Connected Jackpot Game is the vital totally wise contract based huge stake amusement. The principle diversion process is ensured and secure, running absolutely on-chain, worked by contracts with revealed source code, with simply optional expansions basing off-chain.

In EtherJack, the whole diversion process is controlled by individuals, in this sense it’s an enormously multiplayer bunch delight. The benchmarks are essential: offers finish off the enormous stake, the last to offer wins and gets the colossal prize. The designers (or some other individual) can’t impact the beguilement system, can’t control or modify it, or change the rules on the fly. The settled contract code ensures the redirection is direct and sensible for all individuals. have totally direct Live Game Simulation in their ICO Stage. The Game have basic rules that are extremely essential. There’s a major stake, at every moment it’s attested by a player (the last to offer), and there’s an initiation clock running. In case some individual offers (by sending a measure of Ether to the Jackpot sharp get), that individual now ensures the huge stake, the offer is added to the huge stake, and the clock is reset. If nobody guarantees the enormous stake incrementally the check runs out, it goes to the last person who set an offer. After some time, the offer cost goes up (from 0.005 ETH, up to in excess of 1 ETH), and clock term goes down (from 3 hours down to 5 minutes). There’s a minute level meta-redirection appear: every twentieth, 50th, and 100th offer moreover win “minor prizes”: 10% of offers merits in the midst of the relating time period.

Why Blockchain and Smart-contract?

Blockchain can serve as an openly distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a manner that can be verified and permanent. To be used as a distributed ledger, blockchain is usually managed by peer-to-peer networks that collectively follow protocols to validate new blocks. Once recorded, the data in a particular block retroactively without the change of all subsequent blocks, requiring the collusion of the majority of the network. The blockchain is inherently resistant to the modification of the data involved. The blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, connected and secured using cryptography. Each block usually contains a hash pointer as a link to the previous block, timestamp, and transaction data. Blockchain technology enables the reduction of the fraud rate thus enabling a large number of potentials. Using blockchain for transactions and transparencies, creating transparent and fair markets open, democratize value distribution and narrow down relationships between advertisers, network providers, and customers.
Smart contracts are accounts holding objects on the ethereum blockchain. they contain code functions and can interact with other contracts, make decisions, store data, and send Ether to others, but the execution, and provided by the ethereum network itself. they will exist and be executed as long as the whole network exists, and will only disappear if they are programmed to self-destruct.

Exactly when the preoccupation is running, the offer esteem changes after some time. The offer cost depends upon the total entirety of offers made, and is portrayed by the going with the formula:


Since amid the amusement JACK is obtained or sold at this cost, and 1 JACK can supplant this measure of Ether in an offer, this cost normally compares to the JACK natural incentive amid the diversion arrange.

Here is The Price Selected Points


Offering a measure of Ether surpassing the offer cost no less than twice returns JACK token or tokens to the player .Click this connection for points of interest Timeout DurationThe timeout term after each offer changes after some time and relies upon the aggregate sum of offers made. It is characterized by the accompanying formula:



With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “JACK Token ”, here is the data.

The JACK token holders benefit in a number of ways:

• bid with a token instead of ever growing ETH amount;

• store the tokens in the Vault and get a cut from each ETH bid made;

• sell tokens to players at ever growing price via the Vault;

• sell to anyone via exchanges or personally.

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