EtherJack- Token Smart Contract is the first fully intelligent contract based jackpot game. The basic game process is safe and secure, running completely chain-managed by contracts with disclosed source code, with only optional extensions basing off-chain in EtherJack, the entire game process is controlled by participants, in This way, it is a massively multiplayer community game. The rules are simple: The bids fill the jackpot, the last a Un’Offerta fare wins and gets the footprints award. Developers (or anyone else) can not influence the game process, can not manipulate or adjust, or change the rules on the fly. The fixed contract code ensures that the game is transparent and fair to all participants.

EtherJack is a jackpot game, based in the Ethereum Blockchain.
The rules are simple: there is a huge jackpot, and people are putting bids to claim it, within the time allowed after the last offer. If not offered, the last to claim gets. If the bids keep coming, the jackpot grows further. The game is 100% transparent and fair (thanks to Smart Ethereum contracts), and it all depends only on the participants, not on developers. We are announcing the beginning of the ICO stage of the game. This is the stage where the jackpot is well formed, and Jack tokens (to learn more about them below) are distributed at much lower prices than the game stage. The collected jackpots will attract the players by placing the bids, and the Jack you get will help you get a cut of the bids. The game will also automatically sell your Jack to new players at a growing price if you want.

What is the game?
After this phase is complete, the ICO will have at least 333 ETH jackpot in it, and the game will start. Players will make an offer (starting at 0.01 ETH). Each offer claim the jackpot and start Countdown timer. If no one else has put bids before the timer runs out, the player to make the latest bid get the whole jackpot. This will not happen so easily, however, because others will want to put another bid and claim the jackpot for themselves, instead, at the last moment. Someone will make an attempt to not let the second person to win, and so on. Other offers placed, short is the timer (3 minutes to 5 minutes), and the higher the offer price (0.01 to 0.1 0.5 eth eth and TOP without limits). Check out to see the simulation of the game running, and read the version of the illustration of the rules of the game. Games implemented as Smart contracts with published source code. Jack’s source code Token published too. Good developers or airport bots (off the network component of the game) can affect the course of the game in any way other than what is available to others, can be verified in code contracts. More details on the role of the developer and the airport can be found white paper. is a combination of good luck game, patience, time and investment. Each participant has a very real chance of winning most of the ether. Proved mathematically.

The Token smart contract:

• Defines the JACK Token and its transfer functions
• Handles deposits and withdrawals (intercepts transfers to Croupier and
applies custom logic)
• Handles token bids (intercepts transfers to Jackpot and applies custom logic)
• Handles deposit freezing and unfreezing (API available for Croupier only) for
token sales through the Jackpot contract

There’s fixed supply of 1 million JACK, which can only decrease. Each time a token
is used for a bet, it’s burned irreversibly, thus decreasing the total supply.
JACK Tokens can be freely transferred between players or traded at exchanges.
When Tokens are sent to Croupier, they are counted towards the user’s deposit
with Croupier on-chain. Later, the entire deposit can be withdrawn, on-chain using
the deposit data stored in the blockchain.

If a deposit owner wants to be selling tokens through the Jackpot contract they
ask the Croupier to do so. The Token contract freezes the deposit by Croupier’s
request, thus making it available for off-chain manipulations on Croupier’s side.

If the user wants to stop selling and return the JACKs back to the deposit,
Croupier will request deposit unfreezing, which will return the deposit amount
back to the blockchain.

Jackpot Smart Contract

The Jackpot smart contract runs the game:

• ICO stage: selling tokens for investments
• Starting the game when the ICO goal is complete
• Ether bids
• Token bids
• Minor prize tracking and payouts
• Game end conditions
• Jackpot payout

Symbolic Sale
It is in both ICO ‘ investors and the developer’s interest to have as many possible bids placed, and the largest possible amount of Jack chips sold during the game stage. So it is up to the creators to attract as many people as possible in the game. Funds raised through the ICO as well as the home share of the running dividends will be used for acquiring new players. When you buy traps, buy in larger amounts and get volume discounts up to 25%. The discount is provided only within a single transaction, so try to buy in larger pieces for maximum profit.


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