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What is Ethershift? is an ERC20 token exchange that provides the fastest and easiest way to acquire the best up and coming ERC20 tokens long before the bigger exchanges list them.

Ethershift tokens represent a revenue share of 50% of ALL fees collected by Ethershift. Each quarter that 50% will be airdropped to Ethershift token holders.

What problem does Ethershift solve?

After a tokens ICO is finished, the tokens are typically sent to the investors immediately. Listing on major exchanges takes a lot of time and money and is usually not a speedy process if it ever happens at all. A handful of decentralized exchanges have popped up that allow for first access to these tokens, however, they are difficult to use for the average investor. Since the process to acquire these tokens seems hard to the average buyer, most will simply not buy them and wait for them to be listed on bigger exchanges, and by then, they have already missed out on big gains. Ethershift lists up and coming tokens the SAME day they’re released from their ICO and available on the market.

Does Ethershift do KYC?

Ethershift has no accounts, collects no personal customer info, and does not do KYC.

What are Ethershift tokens?

Ethershift tokens represent a revenue share of 50% of ALL fees collected by Ethershift. Each quarter that 50% will be airdropped to Ethershift token holders.

Do I need Ethershift tokens to use Ethershift?

No! Ethershift tokens are not used on the platform for any utility, and instead, represent profit-sharing from the platform.

How can I buy Ethershift tokens?

Our SALE is now live! You can buy Ethershift tokens at

Ethershift Is The Easiest, Fastest, & Most Secure Token Exchange. Period

Ethershift has fixed all the problems traditional decentralized exchanges face. They are slow and hard to use for the average investor. We’ve made the process of buying up & coming tokens easier than ever!. Welcome to the future of ERC20 trading.

Monetize Your Website With Ethershift Scan&Go

Ethershift Scan&Go is the easiest way to acquire up & coming tokens. The Ethershift Scan&Go widget displays a QR code for the token you’d like to buy. Simply scan the code, and send any amount of Ether. That’s it! Within minutes you’ll receive the token requested! The Ethershift Scan&Go widget allows for anyone to install it on their website and get paid as an affiliate!

Multi-token Ethershift Wallet

The Ethershift wallet provides support for any ERC20/233 token and allows for the near-instant exchange between tokens. With the utmost of thought put into security, all private keys are stored locally under several layers of security, and with a built-in Web3 browser, interacting with decentralized applications has never been easier!

Ethershift Token:

The Ethershift token is an ERC20 token that represents 50% of the gross fees collected by Ethershift. Each transaction that is made on any of the Ethershift products yields a 5% fee. The system automatically calculates the gross fee Ethershift collected after gas and splits it into 2 wallets. One wallet is used for operating costs, salaries, legal, etc, and the other wallet is used to airdrop to ESH holders.

Starting in 2019, each quarter 50% of all gross fees collected by Ethershift will be airdropped to ESH holders.

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