Ethershift is a service that allows users to quickly and easily exchange between different ERC20 tokens at the market rate minus a fee, without having to go through the hassle of signing up at an exchange, or learning how to use a decentralized exchange like IDEX. Decentralized exchanges like IDEX are amazing, however a lot of average crypto currency investors feel like they are too complicated, and therefore a lot of great projects never get the exposure they deserve. Ethershift is making the process of acquiring the best and up & coming tokens easier than ever before.

Furthermore, This Ethershift Token represents some 50% of the WHOLESALE profit from Ethershift. Every quarter, 50% of gross profit will be used to repurchase Ethershift tokens and burn them.

Ethershift Is The Easiest, Fastest & Safest Token Exchange. Why is Ethershift built? there must be a reason if there are consequences. Ethershift was built to correct all the problems faced by decentralized traditional exchanges.

The number of platforms is slow and difficult to use for investors. therefore Ethershift makes the process of buying tokens come easier than before. And welcome to the future of ERC20 trading because in today’s era everything is fast, safe and reliable. so, why are you still using a slow and difficult to use while Ethershif can make it easier for you to invest or use to exchange your personal tokens.

Monetize Your Website with Ethershift Scan & Go

Ethershift Scan & Go is the easiest way to get tokens. The Ethershift Scan & Go widgit displays a QR code for the token that you want to buy. Simply scan the code, then send it with the Ether number you want. In just a matter of minutes you will receive a token that is ordered. This Ethershift Scan & Go widget also allows anyone to install it on their website and get paid as an affiliate. so you don’t have to bother with this.

Ethershift also provides a wallet with support for ERC20 / 233 tokens and allows for instant exchanges between tokens. With the best thought put into security, all private keys are stored locally under multiple layers of security, and with the built-in Web3 browser, interacting with decentralized applications has never been easier. from that you also don’t need to be afraid to lose your personal token. Because this platform is very safe.

and you need to know that you don’t have to have Token Ethershift first to use this Ethershift platform because the counter token is not used on the platform for any utility, and instead represents the division as an advantage of the platform.

It’s great with the features that Ethershif has, it’s easy, faster, safer and highly trusted, you can also get bonuses too. So you have to wait, especially if you have to use this platform? wait until your token runs out due to fraud first?

Don’t make the wrong choice once you are wrong it can harm you in realizing your future in the next life.

then after reading everything from top to bottom, and when you are interested, surely you will ask, then how do I buy the Ethershift token? It’s easy to just relax, how to just visit this Ethershift in Ethetshift then read the requirements then register yourself then you can enter the Ethershift platform.

How does work ETHERSHIFT

To exchange tokens, users send value to a special address (which indicates the type of token they would like to receive back) and the exchanged value will be sent back to them at the address they sent the original tokens from. This user experience is implemented by fulfilling the exchange using hot wallets, and then later mirroring the trade (at a hopefully equivalent rate) on an exchange, and periodically re-balancing the exchange/hot wallets. Ethershift takes a cut of profit (half of it in the form of the input token, half of it in the form of the output token) to account for the risk of the exchange

rate changing. Third-parties are able to integrate Ethershift into their own systems and receive a 50% cut of the profit via the Ethershift API.

The back-end service is an application written in Node JS, running on Amazon EC2. To access the Ethereum network, a full node is installed on the server, and the back-end service communicates with it through its JSONRPC API. The service uses an SQL database to keep track of profits.

Ethershift Is The Easiest, Fastest, & Most Secure Token Exchange. Period

Ethershift has fixed all the problems traditional decentralized exchanges face. They are slow and hard to use for the average investor. We’ve made the processof buying up & coming tokens easier than ever!. Welcome to the future of ERC20 trading.

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