We often hear how big the hype is from the impact that Blockchain will cause. Many scientists and banks consider Blockchain to be the future because this technology removes intermediaries. Removing intermediaries means increasing cost efficiency because we don’t need to pay other parties.

Eunomia, the big project of Sensei Purnama Sari and her team will implement the Blockchain system as a payment method on their platform.

Yep!! we will discuss Project Eunomia especially it’s ICO ( Now ). Eunomia’s ICO SO RECOMENDED from me as Crypto Analys! So Many ICO out there, why EUNOMIA?

There is so many reason and i will mention some of them. First of All, Eunomia has Proffesional and Real Team on it. When so many ICO out there use fake team on their project Eunomia come transparently display their team by including a clear office address. They even wants to meet their community like CEO (Mrs. Purnama) said on Indonesian Telegram Group. The most promising ICO i’ve ever seen. They are so fast to build their community. Even ICO has not even start yet They can make Thousands people queue to invest on it.

Then, Very serious team. Again. Even the ICO has not yet started DEV and the Team has applied in several markets and has been accepted in 3 markets, even one of them is the Big market. The team stated that they will immediately determine the launching date after the end of the ICO / Tokensale. Yes no doubt to invest on it. So highly recomended.

Highly backup from International Promotor. Good backups by international promoters and many of them stated that they would invest massively in this Tokensale. Hardcap 1100 ETH is not a number that is difficult to reach by this ICO. Even Team and Community believe they will reach Hardcap in less than 24 hours.

Cheap, Easy Moon. With the price of token only 10 gwei and the large number of big investors and DEV who stated that they were ready to Pump the prices, would certainly be the main destination for crypto players all over the world to make their profit. There is no reason not to participate in the sale token that will begin on 

Thats some reasons i can mention why we should COMPETITE with so many investor to get this tokens on ICO/Tokensale.

Here is all information you can get about Eunomia Tokens and How To Buy. Join at our community.

Eunomia Official Telegram INDONESIA : http://t.me/eunomiaindonesia

Eunomia Official Telegram GLOBAL : http://t.me/eunomiaglobal

Website : https://ent.zone

Whitepaper : https://ent.zone/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Whitepaper-V1.pdf

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Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2328277