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Hello everyone, if you want to invest in a Project that uses Blockchain technology you should read my article because I will introduce the Blockchain project called EUREKA and to find out more about the Benefits and advantages of the EUREKA Project, here is a review:

EUREKA is a scientific review and rating platform fuelled by the EUREKA token, The EUREKA revolutionises the scientific publishing and reviewing process by making it more efficient and fair using the EUREKA token to compensate all parties involved. Scientific discoveries can now be openly rated and rewarded based on the quality of the research. The REWARD system will be at the core of its operation. It is modeled to address the fundamental issues deep-rooted in the scientific research process: Revelation, Evaluation, Worth Assignment, Award, Replication, Data Analytics.

EUREKA will have the first blockchain-based scientific rating system, preprint server and single observation platform that provides reliable, immutable scores and data that can be transferred on the blockchain to funders, institutions and directly to journals. Sources of funding could make decisions based on ratings and reviews on the EUREKA platform

REWARD — steps involved in the workflow of EUREKA

Many parts of the research cycle including hypothesis generation, discovery, attribution, incentivisation (e.g., via smart contracts), and publication/dissemination can all be done via blockchain.

  • Revelation: Getting scientific data timestamped and claiming immediate ownership. This has important ramifications for protecting intellectual property, preventing ‘scooping’ and helps to avoid delays in discovery and communication.
    Evaluation: Crowdsourced and expert-guided open peer reviewing allows real time, scientific self correction, as well as peer review of the research, and eliminates the hindering of scientific progress brought about by delays in scientific publishing.
  • Worth assignment: EUREKA’s unprecedented crowdsourced scoring will provide researchers as well as publishers with a new metric that can be used to evaluate the work swiftly, thus speeding up the publication process. This is similar to the transfer service of test scores between educational institutions or investment grade ratings given by analysts.
  • Award: Using EUREKA’s blockchain-based scientific rating system will provide reliable, immutable scores that can be transferred on the blockchain to funders, institutions and directly to journals. Decisions on funding, award granting as well as career advancement could become based on ratings and reviews on the EUREKA platform.
  • Replication and incentivisation: A decentralised, peer-to-peer review system and the issuance of smart contracts fosters a collaborative environment, and incentivises replication research to either confirm or contradict existing studies. This ensures the reproducibility of findings and minimises wasteful time and financial spending.
  • Data Analytics: An AI-based prediction tool will make use of the ScienceMatters’ patented algorithm which identifies related studies and observations by cross referencing annotations and links them to form a natural narrative. It is also envisaged that this technology might be leveraged to predict targets for drug development.

By providing such a blockchain-powered ecosystem, not only is EUREKA enabling a more efficient and trustworthy science publishing process, but it is also ensuring that researchers get compensated for their contributions, be it in the form of scientific discoveries or their evaluation, through the issuance of smart contracts.

Token Sale Details

  • Please note that this figure is based on a total number of EUREKA tokens only at an exchange rate of 1 USD to 10 EKA


Current operations
Start with the implementation of the EUREKA platform and finalization of the ICO investment platform. Legal preparations to ensure compliance with Swiss regulations. API integration and testing of KYC/AML, selected after discussions with bank.

September 2018

Private Sale and Pre-ICO Sale
Beginning of private and pre-ICO sale. EUREKA Team expansion.

Q1 – 2019

Public ICO
Public sale of EUREKA tokens. The minting and distribution of the EUREKA tokens will be started right after the public sale has finished.

EUREKA Token listing
Applications to token exchanges will commence post ICO. Finalization of the first version of the EUREKA platform and beta testing.

Q2 – 2019

Launch of mainnet EUREKA platform
The first rating-journal smart-contract built on the EUREKA platform launches on the Ethereum mainnet. Alpha testing.

2019 and beyond

White label journals and pre-prints
The EUREKA platform whitelabels its technology and enters new markets such as pre-prints.

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