Evareium is The first private real estate investment platform to incorporate full blocking benchmarking. A 100% managed investment platform is owned for the benefit of the investors themselves – provides a measurable return on sustainable assets acquired and sold in a cyclical ecosystem model.

Evareium offers an opportunity to invest in a tokenized private real estate investment platform with a mandate to continue investing in a robust project – thereby providing a strong potential increase of all acquisitions and outs made and managed by the Evareium team for ever.
The plan is to target only the acquisition of real estate assets outside of the most profitable markets and markets with high capital growth and strong investment return potential that provides an opportunity of instant liquidity through tokenized blockchain exchanges.


In partnership with leading Blockchain experts, we have created 150,000,000 EVM tokens with the goal of investing at least $ 90 million equity capital in real estate and selected project assets in Dubai / UAE and elsewhere, with a strong annual investment target.

The real estate sector of the Gulf Cooperation Council offers a great opportunity for institutional investment, which typically covers only 20% of institutionalized real estate assets, compared to 70% in developed markets. In addition, we chose the option to meet global risk / reward criteria.

• EVM through the economic interests of the asset / investment – Investment incom portfolio acquisition results, the resulting rental yield and profit from the Disposal.
• EVT through intrinsic build-up as a one-way token and as the backbone of the Vehicle portfolio.
Market Opportunity

This results in a fragmented and weak capital structure, disjointed ownership with a large difference in the quality of product and service offerings, and the lack of disciplined management and high quality product and safety standards.

When GCC becomes like other developed countries, and institutionalize The real estate sector, worth US $ 2 trillion in institutional capital over the next few decades, brings many opportunities for M & A. In addition, the GCC real estate industry has matured, to some extent, the weights applied before the sale. real estate people and retailers, who usually do not have more institutional and institutional. The game immediately helps to strengthen the market and grow the market exponentially.

Throughout a combination of strong management, the basic principles of provider funding and security contracts are inherent, while non-traditional investors participate in private equity and the Model gives us a unique REIT collection.


Token Details

Nama Token : EVM
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
PreICO price : 1 EVM = 0.70 USD
Price in ICO : 1.00 USD

Investment info

Min. investment : 1 ETH
Accepting : BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO : 98%
Soft cap : 90,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale : 150,000,000

Along with the issuance of EVM to the investor, we will issue to the customer an EVA utility token, EVT, as a bonus credit, which will be paid to EVM ITO. The benefits are generated from their intrinsic value and implemented as EVT and Blockchain technologies in real estate assets consisting essentially of assets that leverage the value of rental rates and additional asset transactions. The cumulative value of EVT is its use and is integrated into real plant operations.

Evair Investment Management Ltd (EIM) aims to play a leading role in the institutional development of the GCC real estate sector by investing personal equity in risk-focused real estate investments and investing in REIT institutions that integrate token structures — discipline, Management institutions to add value assets and to the print-ripe illiquid investments in highly liquid produce a significant return (ie private equity tokens divided into securities highly scalable models traded through) .

With buy and sell tokens EVM, investors – by the way – sale and fractionated the Underlying investment property sale, which can be a fast, cost-effective, personal, reliable and exchanged, free to buy and provide for investors with them through Ethereal ERC20 cerdas.Platform contract is tailored and customized for the EVM is assigned.


First ICO Release
Tokens on sale : 30,000,000 only in this release
Start date : 1st March 2018
Finish date : 5 April 2018
Offer price : initially US$ 0.85 per 1 EVM token (reflecting 15% discount to US$ 1 par value) changing by 1.25 percentage points each 7-days to 10% finally in week 5 to end of this tranche release.

BONUS credits for EVT : 50% from 1st to 7th March
• 45% from 8th to 14th March
• 40% from 15th to 22nd March
• 35% from 23rd to 29th March
• 30% from 30th March to 5th April
Tokens issued : a few days after standard KYC/AML check (into the platform wallet)

Second ICO Release
Tokens on sale : UNLIMITED
Start date : 6th April, 2018
Finish date : 30th April and ongoing at the discretion of the issuer
Offer price : US$ 1 per EVM token to US$ 1 par value
BONUS credits for EVT : 30 % from 6th to 12th April
• 25% from 13th to 19th April
• 15% from 19th April onwards ’til the end of ITO (extended as required)
Tokens issued : a few days after standard KYC/AML check

Accepted currency: BTC, ETH
Token standard: Ethereum ERC 20 through a smart contract


Pre-Initial Token Offering (“ITO”) issued at 30% discount value 30,000,000 EVM then issued at 15% sliding discount to par value up to 110,000,000 EVM final tranche at par (unsold tokens are burnt)

Founder’s EVM:
The founders will make available an additional 10,000,000 EVM, 25% of which to be locked-in from sale for 5-years to align value-creation interest with investors.

Early EVM investors receive the above discounts and other ongoing privileges as preferred partners, such as asset co-investment opportunities and first notification of further token releases at preferential rates and most importantly for 2018, free bonus token issuance to your wallet of the Evareium Blockchain Utility Token (“EVT”). Successful investors in the EVM ITO will also immediately get free credits towards EVT — the next token Evareium plans to launch soon into 2018 — please refer to Roadmap section for timeline. EVM investors who keep their EVM tokens in their original wallets will avail EVT tokens once launched and issued in 2018. The amount of bonus EVTs received will be greater, the earlier an investor subscribes during the EVM ITO process.



For more information kindly visit the links below;

Website : https://evareium.io/
Whitepaper : https://evareium.io/assets/img/pdf/Evareium-White-Paper-January-2018.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Evareium-293401257819150/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Evareium_ITO
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/GI8QjELv63b4TdB1fZQADA
Medium : https://blog.evareium.io/
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3076557

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