Evareium is the first private real estate investment platform to incorporate full blocking benchmarking. A 100% managed investment platform is owned for the benefit of the investors themselves — provides a measurable return on sustainable assets acquired and sold in a cyclical ecosystem model.

Evareium offers an opportunity to invest in a tokenized private real estate investment platform with a mandate to continue investing in a robust project — thereby providing a strong potential increase of all acquisitions and outs made and managed by the Evareium team for ever.

The plan is to target only the acquisition of real estate assets outside of the most profitable markets and markets with high capital growth and strong investment return potential that provides an opportunity of instant liquidity through tokenized blockchain exchanges.

On the basis of previous round of financing, Vaireium is supported by many private founding investors. The project has reached a critical early stage ready for full introduction and progress in raising funds for asset acquisitions.

The first official launch of sales of eareumium tokens through our online subscription dashboard began on February 1, 2018. ITO will run in three stages until the end of April 2018, but may be extended. Whatever EVM we do not sell will eventually burn.


Having joined in partnership with leading blockchain experts, we have created 150,000,000 EVM tokens with the aim of raising at least US$ 90 million of equity to invest into select, compelling real estate assets and projects in Dubai/the UAE and elsewhere, targeting strong, annualized investment returns.


We have an executive team and advisory board (including a Dubai Financial Services Authority-regulated institution) of more than 10 professionals with an enviable track-record in real estate investment, private equity, fund management, token asset-raising, and management.


Spearheaded by leading professionals from the Dubai and global real estate, hospitality, consulting, private equity, fintech and investment banking sectors with extensive professional expertise garnered from our combined 50+ years across the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Evareium is already backed by numerous private founding investors based on earlier funding rounds. The project has reached baseline critical mass ready now for full public launch and progress to raise funds to acquire assets.

Benefits of Evereium Token

The Evareium Platform provides real estate offers and benefits to Real Estate investors through Evareium tokens (EVM);

The EIM Manager will win any real estate investment with a fee-based income model, at a cost that must be paid to the manager given a weighted weight based on work incentives that takes into account the interest to be paid on a per-investment basis.

EVM tokens offer the opportunity to split new fields and embrace new technologies emerging in the field of blockchain.

Funds raised will provide a strong opportunity for EVM holders pioneered by executive expertise and substantial jobs to date. regarding this program most of the EVM shareholders’ share is deployed into real cash flows, asset backed, and the potential for profitable production of the assets.

EVM token holders will benefit from availing strong business models and core investment management teams to tackle new and unique aspects of the real estate sector that are considered abundant with opportunities.

The potential long-term growth plan of the EVM token, far greater than other token offerings on the market to date given the fundamentals supported by the assets and cash flows supported by EVM and the relevance of the planned EVT token.

Investors holding EVM tokens, allowing for access to the existing profits in the market segment in the real estate sector.

EVM token holders may benefit substantially from the diversity of EVM token offerings and may access unreachable assets and potentially generate value.

The Evarium platform will create an independent exchange, when implemented will create a lower entry point when we have real estate assets with greater liquidity potential, compared to the traditional equity model in the traditional way. Private equity models, although profitable do not have the ability for investors to trade their interests on a daily basis at fair value. This can be completely resolved with the reliability of EVM tokens, if implemented will open the door to profit billion dollars at the present time.

The Evareium platform creates a business model that will replicate core management of classic private equity investments. Through the offer of several Evareium tokens; such as an EVT token that has benefits to its users to help create active demand continuously and will create potential profitable ecosystem business models for EVM and EVT investors.

Fund investment on the Evareium token will be secure, through the Evareium SPV facility that will generate cash from the management of a portfolio of high quality real estate assets.

Through the Evarei Investments Management (EIM) Company is a new Company for the community of holders of Evareium tokens to be established after the closing of securities exclusively to manage funds from the IMF.


The first official launch of the Evareium token sale through our online subscription dashboard started on 1st February, 2018. The ITO is across 3 phases until the end of April 2018, but is extendable. Whatever EVM we don’t sell at the end will be burnt.


You can register an account by clicking on the top right corner of our website.If you are new to investing in the crypto assets space, please download our Guide to Investing in Evareium.

Initial Token Offering

Issuance: 150,000,000 EVM in total (no hard cap)

Offering Rate: 1 EVM to 1 US$ equivalent (par value)

Start Date: Official ITO launch date March 1, 2018

Accepting: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum’s Ether (ETH)


First ICO Release

Tokens on sale : 30,000,000 only in this release

Start date : 1st March 2018

Finish date : 5 April 2018

Offer price : initially US$ 0.85 per 1 EVM token (reflecting 15% discount to US$ 1 par value) changing by 1.25 percentage points each 7-days to 10% finally in week 5 to end of this tranche release.

BONUS credits for EVT : 50% from 1st to 7th March

: 45% from 8th to 14th March

: 40% from 15th to 22nd March

: 35% from 23rd to 29th March

: 30% from 30th March to 5th April

Tokens issued : a few days after standard KYC/AML check (into the platform wallet)

Second ICO Release

Tokens on sale : UNLIMITED

Start date : 6th April, 2018

Finish date : 30th April and ongoing at the discretion of the issuer

Offer price : US$ 1 per EVM token to US$ 1 par value

BONUS credits for EVT : 30 % from 6th to 12th April

: 25% from 13th to 19th April

: 15% from 19th April onwards ’til the end of ITO (extended as required)

Tokens issued : a few days after standard KYC/AML check

Accepted currency: BTC, ETH

Token standard: Ethereum ERC 20 through a smart contract




Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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For more information, please visit:

WEBSITE:   https://evareium.io/

WHITEPAPER  :  https://evareium.io/assets/img/pdf/Evareium-White-Paper-Januar-2018.pdf

TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/Evareium_ITO

FACEBOOK  :  https://www.facebook.com/Evareion-293401257819150/

Telegram  :  https://t.me/joinchat/GI8QjELv63b4TdB1fZQADA

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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