EVERID – Unlocking Opportunity With Identity

Hello everyone, readers of my blog Syndrome ICO. I will explain a bit about the crypto currency project, This is most relevant in the world of crypto currency, which is characterized by its high volatility. I decided to look for a project where all the tools for productive, high-quality and profitable trading by crypto-currencies will gather. And this is the EVERID project.


EverID has built a decentralized digital identity system to store and confirm user identity data, documentation and biometrics. The platform is available to all people from birth to death. It does not require a mobile device to join, is encrypted to protect the privacy of users and is interoperable with other systems.

Institutions, companies and government organizations can validate user identity effectively, cheaply and quickly on a scale. The value can then be securely transferred to the right recipient with lower transaction costs, lower losses due to leakage and innovations in service and value transfer.

EverID is a disturbing product with an existing prototype, a very experienced team, and works together with a large Bretton Woods banking institution4 and UN agencies. It is the biggest unique opportunity to expand financial inclusion between emerging markets and established financial institutions.

Unlocking Opportunities With Identity

More than a billion people in the world currently have no verifiable identity. 2.6 billion people live without a bank account and almost 5 billion people do not have access to a smartphone. The combination of these factors prevents investment, entrepreneurship and institutional development in emerging markets.

The lack of verifiable identity also prevents individuals from having access to the global economy. It leaves almost half of the population unable to realize their full economic potential and makes an important contribution to the reason why 40% of the world currently represents only 20% of global GDP.

Empowerment Through Identity

EverID is a device-free, universal identity and value exchange platform that allows anyone to prove their identity, store value and money transfer. It uses biometric identity and an unchanging general ledger that enables the seamless exchange of value between governments, banks, NGOs, insurance companies, hospitals and other organizations. It reduces fraud and leakage. It makes identity verification more profitable on a larger scale than ever before.

Users receive social and economic benefits from their digital identity. No device is needed to access these benefits. An inclusive and secure identity means seamless value transfer and access to global economic services such as banking, credit and insurance.

How it Works

EverID has created a universal digital identity network that will raise the whole of humanity to the global market, providing access to a robust range of services to improve livelihood and promote economic development.

The identity network will be an autonomous, non-supportable, decentralized network, owned by no one, functioning forever and incorporating the principles of identification for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6 into its software.

It gives individuals the tools to manage and protect their own identity data through a decentralized identity platform and a value transfer solution based on blockchain technology.

Multiple types of biometric information for each identity are recorded and stored in the identity network. Legacy identity documents, including national identity cards, driver’s licenses, passports, voter’s identity cards, etc. are recorded, as well as third-party certificates by cryptographically signing these confirmations of claims.

If a person does not have the technology, an agent system allows them to be enrolled via the EverID Agent DApp. Public Access Devices (PADs) are used for EverID validation, use and update. PADs use a Software Development Kit (SDK) to add identity validation to devices for banking, government services, healthcare and more. The Bridge service allows a user to securely access his data and use it on another device that he does not own.

The Principles of EVERID

All persons can be recorded without a smart device.
The individual will possess and control their identity.
Identity information is selectively shared and can withstand attacks.

The EVERID Token

IDs are a utility token that allow access to the EverID network and the applications and services built upon it. The 800 million issued ID tokens will be purchased by banks, governments, NGOs, large organizations, and users (i.e. remittance senders) that want to access EverID’s network. Institutions are given varying levels of access to the platform based on how many tokens they hold while users will not be required to hold IDs in order to receive value.

A device-free digital identity would empower almost 5 billion people to become part of the global economy, thereby facilitating external investment in emerging markets. Universal and inclusive identity will be the catalyst for trillions of dollars worth of transactions, value transfers, and identity verification costs.

Value of Identity

A verifiable digital identity will enable emerging market economies to grow into a $40+ trillion opportunity.
Target: $20M
Pre-sale: August 2018

Use of Funds

Token Allocation


Total Token Supply – 800,000,000
Token for sale – 303.685.341
ICO price – $ 0.09
Accepted currency – BTC, ETH, USD
Hardcap – US $ 20,000,000
Pre-sale – August 13, 2018
Min / Max personal cap – $ 10,000 / $ 2,000,000
Сan do not participate – China, Korea, Pakistan



EverID is made up of an experienced team with multiple successful IPOs, acquisitions, and startup and blockchain projects behind them.




Finally, what I can say is the tremendous potential of this company. All-round ICO is very striking. This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.

If you know how to improve our community.
If you know how to spread information about us in this world.
If you have any ideas for other improvements, it is a privilege
If you all participate in our bounty.

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