EVERID – Verifing Your Identity For Public Services And Claiming Your Social And Economic Right


Hello Dear Readers… met again with us today on a great project, we do hope all of you know much deeper about it by reading to our explanation, the Project called EverID,It has built a decentralized digital identity system to store and confirm user identity data, documentation, and biometrics. The platform is available to all human beings from birth until death. It does not require a mobile device to join, is encrypted to protect users’ privacy, and is interoperable with other systems. Institutions, corporations, and government organizations can effectively, cheaply and quickly validate user identity, at scale. Value can then be transferred securely to the correct recipient with reduced transaction costs, lower losses from leakage, and innovations in service and value transfer. EverID is a disruptive product with an existing prototype, a highly experienced team, and is working with a large Bretton Woods banking institution4 and UN Agencies. It is building the biggest single opportunity for expanding financial inclusion amongst.

Allowing anyone in proving their identity, store value, and transfer funds. It utilizes biometric identity and an immutable ledger that allows the seamless exchange of value between governments, banks, NGOs, insurance companies, hospitals, and other organizations. It reduces fraud and leakage. It makes identity verification at scale more cost-effective than ever before. Users receive social and economic benefits from their digital identity. No device is needed to access these benefits.

The ID token

IDs are a utility token that allow access to the EverID network and the applications and services built upon it. The 800 million issued ID tokens will be purchased by banks, governments, NGOs, large organizations, and users (i.e. remittance senders) that want to access EverID’s network. Institutions are given varying levels of access to the platform based on how many tokens they hold while users will not be required to hold IDs in order to receive value.

A device-free digital identity would empower almost 5 billion people to become part of the global economy, thereby facilitating external investment in emerging markets. Universal and inclusive identity will be the catalyst for trillions of dollars worth of transactions, value transfers, and identity verification costs.

Value of identity

A verifiable digital identity will enable emerging market economies to grow into a $40+ trillion opportunity.

Target: $20M

Pre-sale: August 2018

Use of funds 

Token Details

Total Token Supply — 800,000,000

Token for sale — 303.685.341

ICO price — $ 0.09

Accepted currency — BTC, ETH, USD

Hardcap — US $ 20,000,000

Pre-sale — August 13, 2018

Min / Max personal cap — $ 10,000 / $ 2,000,000

Сan do not participate — China, Korea, Pakistan

Token Allocation

Roadmap and Traction

Team EverID

EverID is made up of an experienced team with multiple successful IPOs, acquisitions, and startup and blockchain projects behind them.


For more information, please check and visit us on the following official Links:

Website: https://everid.net/

Whitepaper: https://everid.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/ever_id_whitepaper-1.pdf

Medium: https://medium.com/@_EverID_

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@_EverID_

Telegram: https://t.me/EverID

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EverID/

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