Welcome my readers to this wonderful platform. Today I am writing a very interesting project called Everlife. This project seems more interesting after reading the whitepaper. The project has a very good concept. I know this project will get high success. Consider investing. I am very happy with this project. I will explain a few more details below about this great project to be easily understood by everyone.
EverLife.AI helps you create an immutable Avatar about yourself. Your Avatar can connect, collaborate and evolve with millions of other Avatars on the network, while preserving your heritage. Avatars perform tasks based on their acquired skills and earn in EVER codes for the work they perform.
What can be achieved in human life is limited by several factors. The largest of them is a short service life with a limited period of productive work. Of 78 years of life, people work and earn 15 years, spreading through 40-45 years. What if you are immortal and earn forever for yourself and your loved ones?
EverLife uses the latest technology in the field of artificial intelligence, crypto, p2p networks and reliable intellectual contracts to develop a world of avatars with AI, representing people of real life.
With Everlife, you can have your life on a blockchain, but the big difference is, your avatar can last even long after you’re gone, and you can continue to earn from it for as long as it lasts. The moment you create your avatar on the Everlife.Ai platform, your avatar automatically and forever becomes part of a huge avatar network, and it will continue to evolve, to do tasks, and to generate opportunities for you.

• AI Dialogue Engine: Each AI Avatar node comes built in with customizable dialogue engine.
This gives each person ability to communicate with it’s avatar and fine-grained control to customize Avatar response and knowledge base.
• Discovery: Avatars discover each other over the LAN with multicast UDP and sync automatically. The avatar feeds are replicated across the internet through Hub Nodes. Each avatar has to choose at least one Hub for uptime and availability.
• Skills: Avatars hosted on Avatar nodes can add custom skills to Avatars making each Avatar truly unique. These custom skills can be purchased from EverLife Marketplace or can be built by each person themselves as well.
• Stellar Network: Stellar Network is used for EVER token based transactions and smart contracts. The Avatar node would access Stellar Network via API.
• Avatar Node: A piece of decentralized software is Avatar node, running on a computer that conforms to the EverLife gossip protocol and participates in the EverLife network. The software manages the feeds of avatars the node may control and communicates with other Avatars using a secure gossip protocol. The avatar nodes also can execute tasks using the skills that each avatar controlled by the node has. It also can orchestrate microservices on same or other
machines to get tasks done.
• Hub Node: They are mainly present to improve uptime/availability on the network and to archive information as they run at public IPs and follow Avatars.. The EverLife team runs some Hubs, but anybody can create and introduce their own.
• Blockchain Feed: A blockchain feed is a signed append-only sequence of messages. Each Avatar has its own append only immutable blockchain feed that just it can write to.
• Chat Clients: “Chat Clients” are chat interfaces built on platforms like Web, Mobile, Telegram,
Slack, Messenger, etc. that connect a Real Person to its Avatar on a trusted Avatar node.

Your unique immutable Avatar on the block-chain evolves over time as you train it with knowledge and skills. Your Avatar can use these skills to communicate with other avatars and earn BIG tokens for yourself and your loved ones. These tokens can be used to obtain services from other avatars on the network or to enhance your skills from the Avatar to make it smarter and more inventive.
Your Avatar connects and collaborates with millions of other Avatars and performs assignments based on the skills they learn to earn QUANTITY tokens and generate real life opportunities.

What can be accomplished in Human life is limited by several factors. The biggest being a very short lifespan with limited years of productive work. Out of the 78 years avg lifespan, humans work and earn for effectively 15 years spread across 40-45 years. What if you were immortal and continued to learn and earn forever for yourself and your loved ones?
Introducing EverLife.AI is your own AI Avatar, which you can create on the EverLife network. EverLife’s never-failing avatar is learning about you and your acquired skills.
Your avatar connects to the EverLife.AI network; which is a distributed network of p2p gossip, in which millions of Avatars connect and perform tasks based on the skills they have to earn, to all signs and create real opportunities.
In a nutshell, EverLife uses the latest technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies, p2p networks and reliable intellectual contracts to develop a world of incessant Avatars with AI that constantly evolve and earn for you.
EverLife’s self-replicating distributed network p2p guarantees that if you lose access to your Avatar Avatar system or can not be restored, your unchanged you are out of the network, visit https://everlife.ai/assets/EverLifeAI_Whitepaper.pdf





Dear reader, this is just a brief overview of the purpose, benefits and opportunities that can be gained from this innovative project. After reading this briefing, I am sure you will want to know more.
For more information about this great project kindly click on the links below;
website : https://everlife.ai/
Whitepaper: https://everlife.ai/assets/EverLifeAI_Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/everlife_ai
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/everlifeai?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/everlife_ai
Medium: https://medium.com/everlife-ai

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