EveryCoin — The new decentralized Financial Platform uses Multi BlockChain using Aaron Platform

Hello Everyone, welcome once again in my article, which is to review projects that find trends, with extraordinary features and a mission to overhaul the world of cryptocurrency, the EveryCoin project will provide 21st century solutions for many challenges that still exist today. So I hope you can enjoy the explanation of this big project. 🙂

What is Aaron Platform ?

The Aaron platform is a new financial platform for people who are excluded from the modern financial system for a long time.
And it aims to spread free financial accounts to all people around the world and allow them to exchange money freely.

EveryCoin provides the financial services such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, etc. for all currencies in the world by cooperation with TabiPay and Eco-Chains. And EveryCoin is used as the settlement currency of the Aaron Platform.

TabiPay is a Bank-free Platform to provide free banking services to people who are financially excluded and need new financial services. TabiPay will extend services to all over the world, starting from 10 countries in South Asia initially.

Aaron Wallet and Aaron Exchangeoffer the mutual exchange services in real time among Fiat currencies, Digital currencies of Eco-Chains as well as Cryptocurrencies through Currency Matching Engine technology.

Aaron BlockChain does not waste unnecessary power or time to generate blocks by combining the POW agreement method with the DPOS agreement method in which the delegated node receives contract authorization and transaction fee in contract execution. And it does not need to wait for the new block to be mined. instead of it, but the state change is authenticated and approved at any time by the agreement of the possible designated nodes.

BlockChain Problems
Below are the problems of Blockchain technology.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockhain are slow
  • Transaction costs are high
  • BlockChain is getting bigger and bigger day by day
  • Smart contracts are inconvenient

And the solution provided by EveryCoin is very worthy of appreciation, because there are many interesting and complete features in Aaron Platform Technology.

  • Multi BlockChain makes it faster.
    30,000 TPS
    (5,000 times bit coin / 2,000 times ether)
  • Zero or very low fee for transaction.
  • The Multi BlockChain consist of Main BlockChain and Side BlockChains.
    Main BlockChain is EveryCoin, and Side BlockChains are TabiPay and Eco-Chains.
    Each SideChain(TabiPay, Eco-Chains) can be split back into MainChain and SideChain. It prevents the blockchain from becoming larger.
  • Our Smart contract is easy and convenient to apply.
  • Even if you do not know the programming, you can easily issue your own points, mileage and other electronic money based on BlockChain.

Stable Coin Comparison


If you are interested in buying EveryCoin, you can visit the link below : https://www.everycoin.io/?s=Login

Road map

  • 18.07 Private Sale
  • 18.07 Global launching show in Thailand
  • 18.07 Global launching show in Vietnam
  • 18.07 Global launching show in Indonesia
  • 18.08 Presale
  • 18.12 Presale / ICO
  • 18.4Q EveryCoin Alliance Exchange Registration
  • 18.4Q Tabi Wallet Beta open
  • 19.1Q TabiPay System Beta open
  • 19.1Q EveryCoin Global Exchange open
  • 19.2Q TabiPay Global Network
    (Thailand / Vietnam / Indonesia)
  • 19.3Q TabiPay Global Network
    (Philippines / Laos / Myanmar / Cambodia / Malaysia / Singapore / China / USA / Japan)
  • 20.3Q Aaron BlockChain Test net
  • 20.4Q Aaron Wallet Beta open
  • 21.1Q Aaron Platform Beta open
  • 21.2Q Aaron Platform Launching(Aaron BlockChain Mainnet)

To get Information about EveryCoin you can see below :

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