Everything about EdenChain

EdenChain is creating a third generation smart-contract blockchain which they will utilize to implement a Programmable Economy. With the EdenChain platform, users can capitalize tangible / intangible values, and trade them over the blockchain. EdenChain also aims to provide a pervasive blockchain and token platform for applications across the board, including IoT, Energy, AdTech, P2P finance, Healthcare etc.

The problems EdenChain intends to solve are performance and unreliability of connections.

The ICO is scheduled to start in May 2018. The EDN token will be available for $ 0.6. The ultimate goal is US $ 24,000,000.
Total number of tokens: 1,000,000,000. Emission is limited. Unsold sell tokens will be destroyed.
Tokens will be locked for 1 year.
Token distribution: 40% — token sales, 18% to founders, team and advisers, 15% to strategic partners, 12% accelerator program, 10% to companies, 5% bounty and marketing.
Presale Round B for large investors will begin in May 2018 with a bonus of 10–15% after round A with a 20% bonus.

Why do I need a token in the system?

EDN tokens will be used to pay commissions for transactions and commissions for the exchange of tokens (according to the information in the telegram-chat, there is no information on the website and in the vengepair using the token).

It is important to note that an EDN token will be needed to organize masterware (there is no complete information on this issue yet).

Ticker: EDN.
The type of the token according to the technological standard: initially it will be the ERC20 token, which will be exchanged for its own EDN token during the launch of the main network in Q1 2019.
The type of the token by functionality: utility-token.

The EdenChain Team
Is there a developer on the team and how many of them? Are there interesting, worthy individuals in the team?

A team from South Korea (Seoul). The team has 11 people. Of these, 3 block developer.

Head of Strategy and Head of Business Development at Franklin Templeton (a large asset management company, 720 billion US dollars in 2017), Barclays (one of the largest financial conglomerates) and Goldman Sachs (one of the largest investment banks).

Are there any “star” advisers?
The project has 12 advisers. Among them there are strong enough, having a very wide experience in IT, including in large branded companies.

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