Evolution Of Toqqn

In order to fully deliver a working decentralized social media experience where user data will be private and control autonomously by them. Toqqn has come up with a unique solution. The Toqqn platform is built using the best of both customary and web 3.0 advances, Toqqn will be extremely user neighborly; meanwhile blockchain development is grasped to decentralize user data. That way no user data will be stored on our platform or servers to deflect any kind of maltreatment or abuse of people’s private data.

Toqqn Platform Development

Toqqn is being created using the best of both conventional and web 3.0 advances. Common systems are used to make Toqqn a user welcoming platform. Meanwhile blockchain advancement will be gotten to decentralize user data. We have to build an internet based life where no user data will be stored on our platform or servers. This is to turn away any kind of maltreatment or abuse of people’s private data.

Stage I

A digital marketplace of the platform is made using ordinary web headway progresses. Users will presumably buy and sell autonomous administrations using TQN as a payment administration. The gathering will work list toqqn on the most outrageous number of exchanges. This will enable platform users to trade their toqqns for various tokens or fiat.

Businesses searching for digital administrations can buy toqqn crypto to pay for these administrations. The Marketplace will engage these businesses to get required administrations without the complexities of overseeing financial associations and cross-edge money changes.

The Marketplace will make a genuine motivation to toqqn as a cryptocurrency. Counting the marketplace outfits toqqn with an authentic utility motivating force as a technique for payment for administrations.

Stage II

Progression to decentralize user data begins. Similarly additional platform features, for instance, private correspondence notwithstanding. All user data to be stored in the blockchain so just users will approach their very own data.

Stage III

To decentralize user correspondence and the headway of a Digital Services Marketplace using toqqn as a payment procedure

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Medium link: https://medium.com/toqqn

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