Excalibur is an operating system for PC and laptop


Excalibur is an operating system for PC and laptop. Excalibur supports file application of a large OS such as Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux. Excalibur OS integrates virus protection system and anti-theft system built-in. The solution also provides management system of mining, the mine and the administration of coins of users.
Features OS Excalibur
Virus and hacker protection:
Operating System Excalibur is designed so that no virus or hacker can attack the system. The emphasis is kept on operating system security, so no hackers or viruses that can attack the normal functioning of the PC can be attacked.

User Interface Is Fully Customizable:
The system is designed with an excellent user interface, the user interface is fully customizable. The system is designed in the material design and design of the Lite OS. Login and boot is completely customizable. Virtual Reality is one of the key features proposed for OS Excalibur that has begun developing this feature.
Excalibur operating system (OS) aims to traditionally change the way the operating system works. Users will find new ways to enjoy and share music, photos, videos, and recorded TV. When and where would you be stored regardless of how or where it is stored. Excalibur OS gives users more ways to access the data and work productively from any location including making it easier to connect to the wireless network. With Excalibur OS, IT professionals have more options to help their employees do more work-safer and more-out of more locations-while maintaining control over the increasingly complex computing environment.
Artificial Intelligence German:
The operating system comes with Artificial Intelligence. AI-based systems sound that would work well with the connectivity of Internet and non-Internet. AI will help the user to improve the internet experience.


This OS has some sort of different security like password, pin, pattern lock, voice unlock and face lock.

Improve the performance of the hardware:
Excalibur, the operating system is a performance-based design algorithm for controlling the hardware, which is unique because the kernel was built to improve the performance of the hardware.

Sex with a man and a woman:
The system is designed with System Management Mining & Trade, which help in managing various coins or tokens. It also has editing tools scripts like the various coins to register mining, with access to the conversion of virtual money and transfer system.

Excalibur XOS tokens
Excalibur OS decided to launch a token XOS you in platform erc20 because of its ability to support the contract smart. It is also based on the blockchain Ethereum, which allows contract smart to execute itself. Astraleums also use the structure data a unique and complex, known as Merkle Patricia tree. This structure store data in some sentences allow a quick change and verification of the amount and then the individual is not as a platform with a single structure.

Token XOS compatible with most of the wallet of third parties and will therefore be easy to integrate if you already have a wallet. The token set is released after the basic platform Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Information tokens
Token Ticker: XOS
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Token sale: 2,000,000,000 XOS
Currency Acceptable: ETH, BTC
The price of tokens: 1 USD = 100 tokens XOS
Minimum investment: 100 USD
Softcap: 5,000 ETH
Hardcap: 45,000 ETH

The distribution of tokens:
Token Sale: 60%, Excalibur: 20%, Advisor: 10%
Let’s imagine%


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