PC has become a part of our life. Not surprisingly, the number of users has been increasing every day. To operate PC, Operating System (OS) is needed. Unfortunately, the existing OS is vulnerable to viruses and data theft, both of which endanger commercial and non-commercial PC users. EXCALIBUR OS is a project that attempts to solve these problems.

What Is It?

It is an OS project that aims to provide users with protection against viruses and data theft. The OS is clean, uncluttered and has a streamlined interface. With these features, users will be able to do the task at hand with ease. It also allows users to manage to work with multiple screens effectively.

The EXCALIBUR OS will work similarly with the existing OS. The difference is that it will give users a fresh user’s experience with added security. Not to mention users will be able to safeguard their data in innovative ways as well. The OS will feature the blockchain technology and issue its own tokens as internal currency.

Why Is the OS Built?

There are many reasons that inspire the project team to create EXCALIBUR OS. For instance, the advances of hardware. Today’s hardware has become powerful, quick, and relatively cheaper. There are also trends such as devices become more and more diverse and sophisticated along with the growth of mobile computing, making a more secure OS to be all the more necessary.

Application and Device Compatibility

The project team realizes that application and device compatibility is crucial. To address it, the project team put extra effort to make sure that the OS is compatible with various applications and devices. The changes in the application and device interaction are minimized. As a result, many applications and devices will work well with the OS.

The team also listed the most popular applications for consumer and business. These applications are tested throughout the OS’s development cycle to see their compatibility with the OS. Furthermore, there are tools such as Application Compatibility Toolkit, Upgrade Advisor, Application Verifier, and ISV Developer Portal that can help customers and developers to assess an application compatibility with the OS.

As for in-house applications and untested programs, the OS offers several compatibility aids. The OS also has a built-in Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. This troubleshooter, with the user’s consent, can fix the compatibility problem. For technical experts, the team provides expanded application infrastructure which will help to identify an application compatibility issues.


The OS comes with various features. First and foremost is protection against viruses’ and hacker’s attack. With the OS, the user’s PC will be saved from these threats. The project team attempts to design the OS to be immune to viruses’ and hacker’s attack as security is the major focus of the OS.

Another feature is an excellent user interface. Users’ will have to interact with OS each time they use their devices. As such, the user interface should be user-friendly so that users can do the task at hand effectively. Realizing this, the project team creates a user interface that is fully customizable, easy to use and has a good overall look.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be built-in within the OS as well. This AI has a voice-based system and will be able to work with the Internet and non-Internet Connectivity. In other words, users will be able to utilize the AI with or without an internet connection. The purpose of the AI is to improve users’ Internet experience.

Lastly, the OS also comes with mining and trading management system. Using this system, users will be able to mine, trade, and manage their tokens or coins. The system uses script-editing tools with which users can list different cryptocurrency to mine. This system also gives users access to virtual money transfer system and conversion.

Token Distribution

To achieve its goal, the platform will distribute the token in several ways. Out of 4 billion tokens, 60% will available for sale in the pre-ICO and ICO, 20% will be distributed to the project team, 10% will be distributed to the advisors of the project, and 10% will be used as reserves.

Fund Allocation

The fund received will be allocated in the following manner: 30% of the total fund received will be allocated for the development of EXCALIBUR OS, 25% will be allocated for marketing and promotions, 25% will be allocated for setting up incubators, 10% will be allocated as contingency funds, and 10% will be allocated for technology validation and external reviews.


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