Rather than being curious about a very profitable project, please read the article I wrote below:The first time I heard about Bitcoin is in 2010, where the price of Bitcoin is still around 10 cents (US dollar). At that time, I did not invest. Then I reread about cryptocurrency in 2015, when the price of Bitcoin reached about 200 US dollars. Once again I did not invest.  At that time, it was very difficult to find a guide on cryptocurrency. None of my friends have or understand How Blockchain works or cryptocurrency. I decided to write this guide to help you invest in the world of blockchain.
Here, I will present a platform that will help you who wants to invest in cryptocurrency, namely EXCALIBUR OS – the next-generation open source decentralization platform. There are many people who do not know how to invest in cryptocurrency or just do not have the time and energy to do it. The  EXCALIBUR OS  will meet all these needs for you who want to invest. Using Blockchain technology, the EXCALIBUR OS certainly wants to trust the users of this platform. Thanks to Blockchain technology, all transactions and all data storage are secure because they are replicated on the network of the blockchain. To modify a single piece of data, the hacker must also modify the same data on all other users’ computers. This is very unlikely. Blockchain is like a big book where all transactions are transparent and can be verified by everyone to ensure credibility.
Of course, for investors, please immediately invest your money in the project which I will discuss and thank you later. I think this project is very promising. discussing. I’m sure some of you really want to know the details of this incredible project. Well, it’s a promising project with an interesting creative idea and can change the future of cryptocurrency. 

About Excalibur Operating System (OS)

Excalibur is an operating system designed for PCs and laptops. It is supposed to support application files from major OS like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux. Excalibur OS integrates an in-built virus protection system and anti-theft system. The solution also offers a Mining Management System that can mine and manage users’ coins.

Excalibur Operating System (OS) aims to change the manner in which traditional OS operate. Users will find fresh ways to enjoy and share music, photos, video, and recorded TV when and where they want regardless of how or where it’s stored. Excalibur OS gives users more ways to access data and work productively from any location including making it easier to connect to wireless networks. With Excalibur OS, IT professionals have more ways to help their people get more done—more securely and from more locations—while still maintaining control over increasingly complex computing environments.

Excalibur OS Features

Virus and Hacker’s Attack Protection:

Excalibur operating system is designed in such a way that no virus or hacker can attack the system. A major focus was kept on Security of the operating system so that no hacker or virus can attack normal working of the PC.

Fully Customizable User Interface:

The system is designed with an excellent user interface, the user interface is fully customizable. The system is designed in Material Design and in Lite Design which makes the OS a beautiful one. The Logon and Boot are fully customizable. Virtual Reality is one of the major proposed feature for the Excalibur OS, the development of this feature have been started.

Artificial Intelligence:

The operating system comes with Built-In Artificial Intelligence. The AI is a voice-based system that will be working both with Internet & Non Internet Connectivity. The AI will be helping the user to improve their Internet user experience.


The OS has a different type of Security like Password, Pin, Pattern Lock, Voice Unlocking and Face Lock.

Improves the Hardware Performance:

Excalibur is a performance-based OS with its unique hardware controlling algorithm design, as it’s Kernal is build to enhance the performance of the hardware.

Mining and Trading Management System:

The system is designed with Mining & Trading Management system which helps in managing Various coins or tokens. It also has a script editing tools like for listing different coins for mining, with access to virtual money conversion and transfer system.

Excalibur XOS Token

Excalibur OS decided to launch their XOS token on the ERC20 platform because of its ability to support smart contracts. It is also based on the Ethereum blockchain, that enables the smart contracts to self-execute. Ethereum also utilizes a unique and complex data structure known as Merkle Patricia Tree. This structure stores data in multiple sets enabling quick modification and verification of the individual data sets unlike other platforms that use a single structure.

XOS token is compatible with most third-party wallets and will thus be easy to integrate if you already own a wallet. The tokens are set to be released following the basis of Ethereum and Bitcoin platforms.

Token Information

Token Ticker: XOS
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Token for Sale: 2,000,000,000 XOS
Acceptable Currency: ETH, BTC
Token Price: 1 USD = 100 XOS Tokens
Minimum Investment: 100 USD
Softcap: 5,000 ETH
Hardcap: 45,000 ETH

The token distribution:

Token Sale: 60%,
Excalibur: 20%,
Advisers: 10%
Reserve: 10%

Useful Links:

WEBSITE : https://excaliburos.com/
WHITEPAPER : http://excaliburos.com/whitepaper/Excalibur-OS-whitepaperv1.1.pdf
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ExcaliburOS/
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/OsExcalibur
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/excaliburico

AUTHOR: Erikay 

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