EXCALIBUR – OS World’s First OS with Mining Management system

Excalibur Operating System, which will solve the issue of mining as it has built-in mining management feature so user can mine cryptocurrency by their own, It also solves the problem of Viruses and Data Theft by its unique method of data security system, and additionally it solves second major issue of System users in which the users can now experience different platforms application on Excalibur, which means application files from major OS will be supported by Excalibur Operating System. It also has the feature of Blockchain based Mining Management System, in which user can mine, trade & user can add their own script of tokens.

This OS has inbuilt virus protection system and anti-theft system which lets users have experience of a virus free and data security system. The Operating System also solves the problem of Mining by its unique Mining Management System which can mine and manage your coin and have script editing system in which you can add newly launched coin by just adding their script. Users can mine coin with better efficiency because of its enhanced performance which utilizes the efficiency of hardware to the fullest.

You’ll find fresh ways to enjoy and share your music, photos, video, and recorded TV when and where you want regardless of how or where it’s stored. Excalibur OS gives you more ways to access your data and work productively from any location including making it easier to connect to wireless networks. And we’ve added new ways to interact with your PC through its powerful AI. In the enterprise, the role of the PC is evolving just as quickly as it is in the home. With Excalibur OS, IT professionals have more ways to help their people get more done—more securely and from more locations—while still maintaining control over increasingly complex computing environments.

Excalibur is a performance-based OS which revolutionaries the system with its unique hardware controlling algorithm design, as it’s Kernal is build to enhance the performance of the hardware. The processes are managed very efficiently and quickly.

The operating system comes with Built-In Artificial Intelligence. The AI is a voice-based system that will be working both with Internet & Non- Internet Connectivity. The AI will be helping the user to improve their Internet user experience.

The system is designed with an excellent user interface, the user interface is fully customizable and is designed for Laptops and PC. to make the user interface a bit different we have used three different types of System Menu also known as Start Menu, in which user can switch any one of them. It also has two type of Sidebar Menu to glorify the system. The system is designed in Material Design and in Lite Design which makes the OS a beautiful one. The Logon and Boot are fully customizable. Virtual Reality is one of the major proposed feature for the Excalibur OS, the development of this feature have been started.

Token Sale

Start – Sep 3, 2018 (8:00AM IST)
Number of tokens for sale – 2,000,000,000 XOS
End – Oct 3, 2018
Tokens exchange rate – 1 USD = 100 XOS Tokens
Acceptable currencies – ETH, BTC,
Minimal transaction amount – 100 USD
Bonus & Refferal – 500,000,000
Bonus & Refferal – 500,000,000
Pre ICO – PRE ICO: 200,000,000 ICO: 1,800,000,000

To participate in the Excalibur ICO, head over to https://www.ExcaliburOS.com once it opens on September 3rd and follow the registration instructions. All you need is an Ethereum wallet compatible with ERC20 tokens. Please do not send ether (“ETH”) directly from cryptocurrency exchanges, and use only an ETH and ERC20 compatible wallet.

For Information

Website: https://excaliburos.com/#
Whitepaper: http://excaliburos.com/whitepaper/Excalibur-OS-whitepaperv1.1.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032767
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OsExcalibur
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExcaliburOS/
Telegram: https://t.me/excaliburico





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