Excalibur – Project Overview

Hello my dear crypto enthusiasts and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising Excalibur project and its advantages!

About project

An Operating System Designed for PC’s & Laptops, which will solve the issue of Viruses and Data Theft by its unique method of data security system, and additionally it solves second major issue of System users in which the users can now experience several platforms application on Excalibur OS, which means application files from major OS Like “Android, Windows, Mac, iOS & Linux” will be supported by Excalibur Operating System.

Excalibur OS is clean and tidy, with a sleek interface that puts the task you want to achieve right at your fingertips. You have more control over where to place the things you use most often. Managing lots of screens is easier. And we have improved the search so you can find the information you want quickly.

We identify several key themes that influence our engineering design efforts and help us to focus on where we can give you the highest value:

  • Hardware progress;
  • Diversity and sophistication of expanded devices;
  • The growth of mobile computing;
  • More connection options;
  • Connect multiple PCs at home;
  • More digital media;
  • User Interface.

Problems in the operating system market

So, what we still have today. The most common Windows on PCs and laptops and not entirely successful attempts from Microsoft to create market versatility at the expense of the 10th version of the operating system, which is also suitable for mobile devices. But as these attempts began, they were not crowned with anything special. Even when bought by Microsoft, Nokia is increasingly coming out with Android on board.

On the other hand is worth Android from Google. OS, which is more common just on mobile devices, but can not yet conquer the market of stationary and portable devices.

There are still difficult to master Linux, which requires special skills and knowledge. Due to this, programmers and … hackers are more often used And there is Apple, which generally watches everything from the outside and simply releases devices with its OS inside, without worrying about the rest of the market.

No, there were, of course, attempts from other large companies to penetrate into the niche, but they remained attempts. Now even forgotten.

And everything, absolutely all OS, are subject to attacks of viruses! To a lesser extent, this is Apple and Linux, but incidents also happen here!

Total: we do not have a universal solution, each vendor pulls a blanket over himself, all this is not completely safe, new technologies simply do not reach the market.

Have you tried to put mining software on your PC or phone? How often does the antivirus just uninstall this software? I am sure that you are faced with this. All this happens because the creators of the mining software and the creators of the operating systems do not try to agree among themselves. Therefore, software for mining opens the OS protection, and the antivirus has nothing to do but to remove it.

I would also like to mention the performance problems of individual solutions. We all know how Apple supporters mock Android users for the reason that the devices of the latter start to “slow down” after a while. Yes, the solution out of the box is practically no different, but then it “clutters” the software, and the notorious problems begin.

Over time, devices tend to “hook up” various malicious programs that also adversely affect performance. And here is how Excalibur OS overcame all this – we’ll talk in the next chapter.

Excalibur OS Solution

I think that you don’t need to be reminded how blockchain is protected. Excalibur OS is an operating system that initially comes with integrated security and antivirus systems. This OS allows you to use your device at the level of security that was previously simply unattainable!

Excalibur OS is a universal operating system. Regardless of how your device was supplied by the manufacturer, you can be sure that Excalibur OS will work on it as native software (even on Apple)!

Excalibur OS takes into account all the wishes of miners. Built-in resource management allows you to easily switch between coins for mining, and uses your resources to the maximum, but so as not to harm the “iron stuffing” of your device. Just turn on the “special sleep mode” and you can go about your business – your device, in the meantime, will earn money!

The creators of Excalibur OS have long worked in close cooperation with several dozens of testers. Therefore, they were able to make many minor improvements to the OS, which allowed Excalibur OS to become faster, easier, more intuitive and better. No unnecessary movements – all actions can be performed within a few mouse clicks.

Improved search, fast and non-overloading browser, no viruses that degrade the performance of your device – everything is new and terrific Excalibur OS, why not try it?


Benefits are the rewards to token holders who have invested in our Business Model or on Tokens. We’ll be providing different type of benefit to token holders that are described below

  • Market Price of ICO will be increasing in near future, which will be a benefit for token holders as per the point of view of trading.
  • Operating System BETA Version will be initially be launched for Token Holders in 1st Quarter of 2019.
  • Mining Management would be very easy by Excalibur OS.
  • No more expensive fees for Antivirus
  • Tokens can be sold internationally over the internet
  • Tokens have a liquidity premium (>1000X improvement in time-to-liquidity)
  • Transparency of use of funds, an escrow can be used to verify how the funds are being spent after the ICO.
  • Early contributors will have more liquidity in early stage companies.
  • Early access to a token which has the potential for rapid capital growth
  • Contributors are usually the first users of the token – thus unlike holding a stock of a company whose products a contributor never used, ironically our tokens can be more tangible than securities.


Name of Token: Token EXCALIBUR
Heart: XOS
Peron: Ethereum
Typing: Utility
Total supply: 4 000 000 000 XOS
Softcap: 5 000 ETH
Hardcap: 45,000 ETH
Token Sales: 03.09 – 30.12.2018
Purchases received: ETH
Price: 1 X OS = 0.000025 ETH
Minimum investment: 0.25 ETH
Country: India
Whitelist / KYC: KYC
Forbidden areas: United States, Canada, North Korea, China


Fund Allocation

The fund received will be allocated in the following manner: 30% of the total fund received will be allocated for the development of EXCALIBUR OS, 25% will be allocated for marketing and promotions, 25% will be allocated for setting up incubators, 10% will be allocated as contingency funds, and 10% will be allocated for technology validation and external reviews.


  • 2014, Q-4: Project Idea Was Proposed
  • 2015, Q-1: The Team Was Build & Development Of Excalibur OS Was Started
  • 2015, Q-4: Kernal Development Was Finished In The Month Of October
  • 2016, Q-1: User Interface Got Ready In February.
  • 2016 Q-2: Virus Protection System For Excalibur OS Was Built.
  • 2016, Q-3: Team Started working on Majon Part i.e. All Platforms Power in a Single Platform.
  • 2017, Q-3: Platform Development Was Finished
  • 2018, Q-1: Mining Management System Development Was Started
  • 2018, Q-2: Excalibur OS Got Official Existence.
  • 2018, Q-3: PRE ICO In September 2018
  • 2018, Q-4: ICO, & Testing on BETA Version
  • 2019, Q-1: BETA Version of Excalibur OS will be releasing & token will be available for trading
  • 2019, Q-3: BETA Version With Artificial Intelligence (AI) like SIRI & Cortana
  • 2019, Q-4: The BETA Version with Next Update will be launched that is Virtual Reality.

Excalibur is the dream project for their developers to gain adoption of 3.5 billion people PC users around the globe which may increase day by day. Different Software Application Extensions are allowed to run at the same time. Users should look forward for an epic Operating System which can change the modern operating System definition by using in built processing everything waiting. Excalibur have identified thousands of devices through data collected via the customer Experience Improvement Program and through outreach efforts to device and PC manufacturers, and The Team have tested those devices for compatibility with Excalibur OS.

For more informations , visit :

Website: https://excaliburos.com
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032767
Whitepaper: http://excaliburos.com/whitepaper/Excalibur-OS-whitepaperv1.1.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/excaliburico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OsExcalibur
FAcebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExcaliburOS/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ExcaliburOS

Bitcointalk username: qweryjkuyuymyum
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2217709
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