It is obvious that without cryptocurrency trading platforms the crypto adventure wouldn’t have been successful , the huge market capitalization realized today comes as a result of several platforms both Decentralized and centralized where traders and investors are able to Exchange their digital assets .
But despite these several cryptocurrency Exchanges you will agree with me that crypto enthusiasts are still having tough time when it comes to the right trading tools.

A lot of traders have made several losses and some have made profits. But if you consider the statistics, the percentage of loss tends to outweigh profits. These could be attributed to several challenges facing traders while using different trading platforms

In as much as different trading platforms are springing up every day, trying to solve one problem or the other in order to add value to cryptotrading , these challenges still linger . You can imagine one of the big exchanges (Binance) that was hacked recently and a huge sum carted away, one could have thought a big exchange as such would have been highly secured against theft.

Apart from security issues, traders most times want to convert their crytpotcurrencies to Fiats currency and withdraw to their banks but this option is not always available. Theses left some new traders thinking if cryptocurrenciies can actually be used in real life, since they cannot convert it to Fiats.

Not to talk about the loss encountered as a result of low liquidity. Some times in some crypto Exchanges, only a few coins/tokens can be traded, this leaves traders stranded and they have to keep jumping from one Exchange to another in order to trade their assets. Not only these, when it comes to fees charged in some Exchanges, you will wonder if they actually have the interest of traders at heart, this is because they will charge deposit fees, trading fees and at the same time withdrawal fees. This is not usually funny, especially to the low income traders who have to spend almost 80% of their funds paying for these double or triple charges.

Now the question is, is it possible to have a cryptocurrency trading platform that can solve all these problems and allow traders have a sigh of relief for ones?
If you are also asking this sort of question as a crypto trader, investor or enthusiast, I bring good news to you via this review article by introducing XCRYPT trading platform.


As my follower /reader you might be asking this question now, read on as I present to you several unique features that make XCRYPT trading platform to stand out.
let me start by letting you know that unlike other Exchanges, XCRYPT is designed as both Centralized and Decentralized trading platform, you may wish to call it Semi Decentralized, what this means is that on XCYPT a trader may decide to either use their Centralized functions or Decentralized in initiating their trades depending on which one they prefer per time, isn’t this innovative? Also what a joy to know that on XCRYPT Exchange traders do not pay trading fees , meaning that XCRYPT operates with Zero trading fees .

Apart from that, the innovative technology on which XCRYPT is built allows a fast deposit and withdrawal of funds without unnecessary delay as usually experienced on existing Exchanges. This is why I said ealier on that XCRPT has brought good news and a big relief for traders across the globe.
When it comes to security, XCRYPT is designed with sophisticated security tools that will completely protect trader’s funds from cyber hackers. It will also interest you to know that XCRYPT supports the listing of top 100 cryptocurrency which will definitely boost liquidity on the platform. XCRYPT is so unique that they do not just support ERC20 tokens but is designed to list STO and ERC721 tokens. To be sincere XCRYPT is a trading platform meant for the next generation traders and investors.


I am not yet done; do you know that on XCRYPT trading platform there is a social media platform where users interact? This allows different traders to communicate and share their ideas and experiences using the social media platform. Good news is that XCRYPT has created a DEBIT CARD where users can use in making payments. I can go on and on… XCRYPT is truly an Exchange to be part of little wonder their IEO on IDAX was a huge success.


The team has created XCT as a token that will serve the main purpose on the Ecosystem. XCT will be used in paying for deposit fees on the centralized and decentralized trading platform of XCRYPT . Token listing will be paid using XCT token, rewards and incentives to platform users will be paid using XCT and other usage.


This is only a brief review of XCRYPT trading platform , I am sure you would want to know more about such an innovative trading platform with such wonderful features that is meant to transform the cryptoworld and attract more investors and traders globally . Please visit their website, whitepaper and join social media platforms using the links below for regular updates.





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