Excolony is an innovative trading platform with exceptional support for massive trading volumes and ultra-complex orders.  Excolony is focused on creating an exchange that prioritizes user experience, security, and scalability.

The mission of Excolony is to provide compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world and create an ecosystem which allows real-time transactions and data sharing with low cost. Excolony is the awaiting Next-Generation Digital Currency Exchange, which has various functions helping users in trading such as AI trade, SAFU, ICCO, Delegated Investment, and Paygate.

Combining centralized exchanges with safety transaction, Excolony provides speed and security at the same time, which most of the decentralized exchanges could not do. If decentralized exchanges are well-known for their high security then Excolony will be a hybrid platform, having the speed of centralized exchanges and the security of decentralized exchanges. Excolony aims to bring Blockchain technology to serve the humanity not only in trading but also in other special fields in the future.

Current Challenges of Crypto Exchanges

Despite the wild successes witnessed in the past year, many consumers worldwide continue to have worst experiences with cryptocurrency exchange platforms. There are various cryptocurrency exchanges has been hacked and they do not have a proper “Insurance Policy” for patients, who are hacked and have no compensation from the platform’s owners. Several exchanges cannot catch up with the trend, they do not have a long-term plan. Most of Exchanges do not have professional reviews on the scam projects before listing them on their exchange. In addition, some of exchanges that support many other languages, but their translation is not good enough. All these problems trickle down to the user, who is in dilemma every time they occur.

Fortunately, Excolony exists to provide a next generation solution to the existing problems of the crypto exchanges. They have built a world-class platforms with high-security standards. Excolony redefined insurance policies in the form of 10% allocation of all profit received into SAFU to offer protection to users and their funds in extreme cases. They also updates the information every day and upgrades the performance system with new technology regularly. Excolony team and advisors are a bunch of professionals with massive experiences in crypto projects. Excolony platform also offers support in over 20 languages.

Excolony Platform Functionalities

Vip & AI

VIP function includes the promotion about price, service, support and give-away gifts for those who buy this package. Turning to the AI in the VIP function, when users buy VIP package, which having AI will have supports from Excolony AI. The functions of AI are prediction of the market trend, risk management, going with users and stable coin identification. In brief, the VIP package has full features to help users get the maximum profit.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway of Excolony runs with an effective, fast and easy way for users. With low or free trading fee, this is able to help accounts take short time and transaction fee to pay several purposes such as electronic commerce, Casio, games and the others of Excolony partners. It is apparent that Excolony payment method will create an ecosystem to connect users and firms.

New Investors

EXC INVEST is specifically designed for you. With a few steps of registration then you can get into the cryptocurrency markets by investing in the potential Experts that you believe. Excolony Experts are extremely experienced and well-trained in cryptocurrency investment so that you can believe in them to make more profit without researching the market or suffering any kind of risk at all. You can pick your own Expert to invest in base on their statistics, profits, winning rate of investment cases, etc.

Become Expert

You are the one with experiences in the cryptocurrency markets? You can read the graph and have good trading skill? You can quickly increase the value of your account just by trading? You want people to know more about you, as an expert in cryptocurrency markets? Join Excolony’s Strategy Managers and become one of Excolony’s Experts. Take this opportunity to earn more profit from this potential cryptocurrency market by letting investors invest in you. Helping new an inexperienced investors to earn more profit for yourself.

Excolony Token (EXC)

EXC Coin offers several benefits that can cause EXC Coin to become a rare coin. EXC can be used to participate in ICCO, which means the company will appreciate EXC Coin holders with Shares. For those who want to become VIP members of existing AI technology, then they need EXC Coin as the fuel. One of the most interesting uses of EXC Coin is, it can be used for insurance in following an ICO, if the ICO fails and all the money will be returned in EXC Coin form.

In addition, Excolony provides an opportunity for investors interested in supporting the platform through their ICCO. The funds raised by the ICCO will be used to develop and upgrade the platform. The EXC Coin base price is 0.5 USD. Softcap from the Excolony project is 1 million USD while the hardcap is 12.5 million USD. They will only accept ETH as a payment method. For more information, you can visit https://excolony.com/.

For more information, you can visit the following links:

Website: https://excolony.com/
Whitepaper: https://excolony.com/white-paper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5043219.0


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