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Website: https://exdorado.com

eXdorado, the eldorado of exchanges

eXdorado aims to become the favorite exchange in the crypto-community. In order to achieve this, are going to create a complete ecosystem, fully decentralized, where each token holder of EXD will have stake in the exchange’s governance.

Describe eXdorado in a few sentences, this is how would do it :

  1. Decentralized governance, every decision will need to be approved by the community. The fees (listings, trading fees) will be also decided by token holders.
  2. Dividends on trading fees, listings and overall net profits of eXdorado
  3. Secured platform for ICOs funding
  4. Live trading, allowing 1.100.000+ trades per second. This will be increased over the years
  • FIAT: each listed coin on eXdorado will have a fiat pair.
  • Cryptocurrency trading with credit cards: will accept buys in credit cards for BTC and ETH. Will add more coins after.
  • SEPA deposits: no fees, and secured in partnering banks.
  • Several UIs: simple and comple UIs, for beginners and confirmed traders
  • Collaborative trading: follow the best traders and copy their trades with community trading feature.
  • Many languages: the first version of eXdorado will have 10 languages. Others will be added progrres-sively.
  • Unique features: ICO incubator
  • Evolving exchange: thanks to the decentralized governance. EXS holders will be able to vote on major decisions.
  • Accountability: in one click, access to all of your trades, PnL calculations and more.



EXS holders will have voting rights (1 EXS = 1 vote) on deci-sions regarding the exchange’s future. Voting platform will give to each holder a voice and a stake into eXdorado future.
On the voting platform you will be able to vote and make sug-gestions. For example :

-Do you wish to add LTC trading pair ?
-Do you want to reduce trading fees ?
-Do you want to organize a trading contest on Monero ?
-Do you want to increase trading fees ?

You can also submit your suggestions to the community. Suggestion rounds will be orgainzed each week. If a suggestion has the most votes in a week, it will be then voted by the community and finally developped by the team if approved during the vote.


  • ICO incubator: On ICO incubator, each project will have to respect criterias (for example, will evaluate project faisabi -lity), and will handle legal parts.
    If a project is selected, an ICO will be launched on the platform and will bring expertise and skills to the team.
  • Mobile and desktop app: trade from your home or the bus, thanks to apps.
  • API: will allow traders to trade on mobile app and develop trading algorithms.


Over the past years, many exchanges have been hacked. Will avoid this thanks to very secured system. Will not reveal how it works, but withdrawals will be processed only one time per day, directly from cold and multisig wallets.


To assure the security of the funds held by eXdoradoand customers funds, eXdo-rado Exchange is following the guidance of the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS). The CCSS is focused on the cryptocurrency storage and usage within a company. With the CCSS, eXdorado is able to securely manage crypto wallets.

Exdorado Exchange is respecting the three levels of CCSS, to ensure strong levels of se -curity for crypto wallets, use formalised poli-cies and procedures, and the requirement of multiple actors for critical actions. CCSS also requires digital assets to be distributed geographically.

With CCSS, eXdorado is able to make its users crypto wallets more resilient against threats and compromise.

The eXdorado card

The eXdorado card.jpg

4 types of eXdorado cards are available. Each card gives right to listing fees and other special features like 3FA and a bonus of tokens for the ICO. 3FA adds a level of security on your exchange account : another step of authentification with a unique number written on your card.

Other features will be announced soon.
-Classic card, unlimited cards available: 3FA
-Gold card, 1000 cards available: 10% of listing fees + 3FA + 10% ICO bonus
-Platinum card, 100 cards available: 20% of listing fees + 3FA + 20% ICO bonus
-Founder card, 10 cards available: 30% of listing fees + 3FA + 35% ICO bonus
These listing fees are shared between the eXdorado cards holders.
The other 40% listing fees are reserved for eXdorado exchange.

eXdorado tokens

eXdorado Shares

This token will grant holders a right for 100% of trading fees, distributed monthly as dividends. Tokens will be distributed like this after token sale :

eXdorado Shares.jpg

EXS supply will be 21 millions (21M). EXS will be issued on ethe -reum blockchain as an ERC20 token. If Token Sale (TS) tokens are not fully sold, will burn the unsold tokens.
ICO Hardcap : 10M$

eXdorado Trade

This token is entirely dedicated to the community.

eXdorado Trade.jpg

It will give trading fees discounts on the trading platform (50% dis-count). This will be also an ERC20 token. EXT supply will be 100M.

Burning plan of EXT

Each month, 10% of profits from eXdorado Exchange will be used to buy back EXT tokens. These tokens will then be burned. In the end, 80% of EXT tokens will be buyed back and burned.

A unique dividend system!

Holding tokens, you will receive monthly dividends on eXdorado trading fees. Receive 100% of trading fees (with eXdorado Shares token) and 50% of listing fees (shared listing fees only with an eXdorado card).
To explain it simply, you will earn automatically every piece of profits gained by the exchange.




Website: https://exdorado.com/
Whitepaper: https://exdorado.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/WPeXdorado1.00.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eXdorado-Exchange-288701548593537/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IT5vNEoGS2sepFXFdhyUuw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/exdorado
Medium: https://medium.com/@exdoradoex
Bitcointalk ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032220.0

The bitcointalk name: mreretic
Profile links : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1716487


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