Existing problems and their solution with EZ Cash

EZ Cash is a blockchain-powered public C2C marketplace that aims to establish a decentralized way for consumers to buy and sell things with each other. There are various existing C2C markets that provide similar services but they are suffering from the issues of user privacy, data security, among others. Let’s see how EZ Cash plans to solve these problems.

The problems with existing C2C marketplaces

Privacy and anonymity: Most of the existing customer to customer trade platforms are completely open, as they require users to provide their complete personal details in order to transact. These details are publicly visible and can be accessed by just anyone.

Security: Security is another major concern of the existing consumer marketplaces. While users are required to upload the details of the products they want to sell, none of these platforms guarantees the security of this data. If the platform is hacked, the security of your data can be at risk.

Trust: Trusting a centralized marketplace with the security of your data, personal details and transaction is the same as trusting a stranger with your phone number. You never know whether these platforms can be trusted with such sensitive information.

Cost: Last but not the least, most of the existing C2C marketplaces charge a fee for their service, either on a per-transaction basis or in the form of a one-time fee. This increases the cost of the product being transacted.

EZ Cash Solution – A Decentralized C2C Marketplace

EZ Cash is one of its kind decentralized C2C marketplaces that truly removes the role of intermediaries in a C2C transaction. It connects consumers on a common platform so that they can buy/sell things directly with each other without having to process the transaction through a third-party.

The best feature of the EZ Cash marketplace is high-level blockchain security. The identification details of each user on the platform are stored in their secure wallets in encrypted form and cannot be seen by anyone else.

That means users can transact with each other anonymously. This protects the user identity and solves the privacy and anonymity problems of standard C2C markets.

Another great feature of the EZ Cash system is its state-of-the-art blockchain security. All the user information, as well as the details of products listed by them on the marketplace is stored in a secure decentralised registry which is public yet cannot be accessed or modified without authorisation.

The cost of transactions on a decentralized C2C marketplace like EZ Cash is also very low, as users do not have to any intermediary. There is only a minimal cost per transaction that can be paid in EZE tokens, which is an ERC standard token enabled for trading.

Other EZ Cash platform features include platform-independent app and a unique escrow wallet for resolution of disputes.

As you can witness, the decentralized EZ Cash platform solves most of the existing problems that customers face with the existing C2C market trading. For more information about the project, visit the website  https://ezcash.io/


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