Extradecoin will have an advantage of multiple signatures on the client’s account. Multi-mark is a special innovation for the security of personal data. These portfolios will include two private keys: one held by the client and the other held by Extradecoin. All private keys will be placed on another server.

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Processing capacity 
The integrated platform of Extradecoin will create an ultra-fast processing speed, allowing the market high liquidity. Therefore, cash flow continues to be processed and no transaction is useful due to long waiting times.

Main functions 
Estradecoin will allow investors to negotiate on site through limit orders and market orders. Furthermore, we will do so in the margin of trade margin with high margins that we integrate with the lending platform. In the near future, Extradecoin will also build decentralized trading plans. Through a decentralized platform, investors can make electronic money transactions without restrictions. Extradecoin will develop new transaction models, including transactional decentralization on Blockchain to meet different investment needs.

support Extradecoin will support common language on all user interfaces. The first version will include English and Chinese, followed by Korean and Japanese. Other languages ​​will be added to Extradecoin later.

platform The Extradecoin platform is designed to be efficient, convenient and integrated with most devices, including:

• Customer-based web-based transactions

• App for Android and iOS mobile devices

• Genuine Windows client PC application.

• HTML5 Mobile website (Mobile HTML Client 5)

Some electronic money support 
Extradecoin is a trading platform that supports a variety of electronic currencies but does not support any fiat currency (eg USD, GBP, JPY or CNY …). Initially, Extradecoin will support common currency transactions, namely BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, NEO, ADA and especially ETE. A list of supported cryptocurrencies will be expanded. Extradecoin will only support reliable and valuable cash and electronic money. We will add the exchange rates to the registered e-money to be listed in extradecoin after the end of the ICO. This will increase the liquidity of ETE currency traders and increase the value of our monetary investors by making the other ICO projects listed as Extradecoin.

Integrate and present new ICO community projects. Investors can use ETH to purchase the ICO ICO project they want. This ETH will be passed to the ICO manager and will return the token to the investor.

When the ICO is over, investors can use this token to trade on Extradecoin. This will make it easier for investors to access and purchase cards, but we also help investors who want to sell their cards when the ICO is in progress. This means that investors who buy pre-sale cards and save on “MyEtherWallet” can sell them when the token is not officially marketed on the market.


We will issue a token for Extradecoin. We plan to release a token for Extradecoin, divided into five phases:

● In the first phase, a 15% token will be awarded to the founding team;

● The second phase, 10% of the token will be issued to the angel consultant and investor;

● The third phase, a 5% token will be issued for Bounty & Airdrop;

● Fourth stage, the 20% token for Game Pool – Tokenplay will be issued;

● The final phase, the 50% token will be publicly sold.

The pre-sale period will begin on July 1, 2018. The limited amount of 250,000 ETE will still be generated. The ETE token will operate on the Ethereum Blockchain platform using the ERC 20 standard

The proceeds from the sale and purchase of ICO will be distributed as follows: • 15%: will be subject to operational expenses and development of the transaction platform, personnel costs and customer support during the transaction process. %: include costs to complete the transaction platform, increase the network to increase transaction speed and maintain a 30% security system: it will be used to create a reserve fund for 15% emergency or unforeseen: it will be allocated to research and development centers for new 15% functionality for marketing campaigns, media advertising for investors to create awareness of Extradecoin.


For more information
Website:  https://extradecoin.com/#/
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OnePager:  https://drive.google.com ? / open id = 1lgR0nzQUpuIjeo0-P_IV2ytaF909PKcw
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