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Greetings, crypto lovers on this occasion, I will discuss a very innovative platform with EXTRADECOIN, but before we discuss it further we will know what cryptocurrency is.

Before you know how to get a lot of money from crypto currency, then you must know the meaning of crypto currency. Because there are still many people who do not know what exactly is meant by crypto currency.

Crypto currency is a technology used to make digital currencies using cryptography. Although crypto currency is a digital currency, its creation uses cryptography, preventing this money from being falsified. The price value of crypto currency is determined by the strength of buy and sell by technology users.

Extradecoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Investors can trade crypto-crypto on the exchange. Extradecoin is established with the desire to provide quality, reliable and safety financial platform for investors. In addition, we are eager to bring the latest technology platforms with the best UI experience on the Extradecoin platform, and at the same time build ecosystems to maximize the benefits for the community.


  • Ability To process

Extradecoin’s integrated platform will delivers ultra-fast processing speeds, which will enable the market to obtain high liquidity. So, cashflow is continuously processed and no transaction are help up due to long wait times.

  • Main Function

Through the decentralized platform, investors can make cryptocurrency transactions without restriction. Extradecoin will develop a new trading model, including transactional decentralization on the Blockchain to meet different investment requirements.

  • Multi-language support

Extradecoin will support common languages on all user interfaces. The initial release will include English and Chinese, followed by Korean and Japanese. Other languages will be added to Extradecoin later.

Platform transaction
The Extradecoin platform is built to be data efficient, convenient and integrated with most devices including:

  • Web-based trading clients
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Transaction Applications on PC Windows (PC
    Windows native client)
  • Website mobile HTML5 (Mobile HTML 5 Client)

In the early 1990s, the gaming market value was estimated at $ 100 million with several million players. Since then, the gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth. In 2017, the worldwide gaming market is valued at $ 121.7 billion. According to forecasts by Newzoo (Global Game, Phone and eSports Market Research), this figure will increase to $ 180.1 billion in 2021. In 2018, the gaming market is expected to reach $ 137.9 billion. Mobile games are growing rapidly. According to forecasts, Mobile games will account for 51% of the market by the end of 2018.


Extradecoin connects sellers and buyers. Anyone can trade cryptocurrency on our platform with ease. If customers use our ETE coin to transact, they will benefit the lowest you get on the platform is about 0.01% (ETE) compared to the average rate of 0.05%. Whether you place a buy or sell order, we will not charge a deposit. The withdrawal fee will be calculated according to the change of current rates.

Extradecoin will provide free analytical reports to clients to help customers trade effectively…This is also one of the special features planned for customers in our ecosystem. Additionally, Extradecoin will have a high Interactive Broker (IB) commission policy that will offer up to 30% of the
transaction fee that Extradecoin receives per transaction.

Extradecoin targets some specific groups of customers:

  • Investor : Extradecoin will assist investors in purchasing most of the available cryptocurrency in the market. We offer services with the lowest transaction fee, minimum withdrawal waiting time, fast transfer process, and immediate placing orders.
  • ICO Developers: Extradecoin supports new ICO projects in the process of opening and call for funding. We assist customers in choosing and investing in an ICO project. We also help investors in reselling token even if the ICO project is still going. Once the ICO is completed, investors can continue to trade this coin on Extradecoin. By doing this, Extradecoin helps ICO community to expand hence increasing the liquidity and value of the token.
  • Gamer: Token Play is a place for gamers to entertain and simultaneously profit from playing games. When playing our games at TokenPlay, Gamers use coin to exchange for in-game services. TokenPlay will have high information security. In Extradecoin, individuals can also be both a gamer and investor simultaneously.


Extradecoin utilizes Amazon Web Services’ security systems. Extradecoin frameworks requires account verification, customer recognizable proof, and 2FA security to sign in. Distinctive individual frameworks can’t communicate with each different except if affirmed and checked.


Extradecoin will present a multi-signature wallet benefits on customer accounts. Multi-mark is an exceptionally propelled innovation for private data security. These wallets will comprise of two private keys: one held by the client and the other is held by Extradecoin. All private keys will be put away on a different server.

Extradecoin has many amazing features:

High transaction speed, reaching more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.

Support various trading methods: eg, spot trading, margin trading, futures, centralized, decentralization. (It will be launched as mentioned in the roadmap) …

Extradecoin will support almost any coin in the market.

Currently, you can use Extradecoin on your laptop, mobile phone. The app on your phone will be updated as soon as possible. In addition, Extradecoin has three distinctive features:

Borrowing platforms: Extradecoin is a bridge for investors who have free money on the exchange with investors, who need money to trade in the short term.

Play Token: Blockchain Based Game Ecosystem, which supports the Gamer community, has a transparent and fair play.

ICO listings: Support ICO projects that have difficulty in raising their funds or need list support on the exchange.

Token Distribution

● The first phase, 15% token will be given to the founding team;

● Second phase, 10% token will be issued to adviser and angel investor;

● Third phase, 5% token will be issued for Bounty & Airdrop program;

● Fourth phase, 20% token will be issued for Game Pool – Tokenplay;

● The last phase, 50% token will be sold publicly.

Use of Funds

The proceeds from Pre-Sales and ICO sales will be distributed as follows:

• 15%: will bear the costs to operate and develop transaction platforms, training personnel costs, and customer support during the transaction process
• 25%: will cover the cost to complete the transaction platform, increase network to increase transaction speed up and maintain security system
• 30%: will be set aside to create reserve fund for emergency or unexpected situation
• 15%: will be allocated to research and development center for new features
• 15% for marketing campaigns, advertising in the media to investors to create awareness of Extradecoin.

To find out more about EXTRADECOIN you can visit the link below:

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