Global Investment Platform produced by the Neural Network.

What is the Extremium Project?

Extremium is the first blockchain-based investment platform that allows you to invest in digital assets and receive passive income generated by Self-Organizing Advanced Electronic Neural Network works. The main purpose of this platform is to minimize the risk of investing in electronic money and overcome the difficulties associated with analysis, trade and electronic money management.
Meet the global neural network-based investment platform: EXTREMIUM https://extremium.io/ . The task set by the Extremium team is to help investors get stable and regular income, without entering into the technical details of the market forecast. This task is carried out by multi-layer, neural network independent learning, which allows Extremium investors to receive passive income and stop worrying about the price of Bitcoin.
Extremium is the first blockchain investment platform thatallows you to invest in digital assets and receive passive income from the work of an expanded, self-organizing, incremental neural network, for cryptocurrency trading. The main purpose of this platform is to reduce the risk of investing in cryptocurrency and overcome the difficulties associated with analysis, trading and cryptocurrency management. Our job is to help generate profits when investing for people with any level of technical knowledge – from beginners to experienced traders and investors. This platform was developed in a simple and convenient interface that allows users to create personal profiles, create wallets, invest money and exchange their cryptocurrency assets in just a few clicks.
Besides being easy to use, this platform has many advantages, such as:
High security. Architecture is designed to provide high level of protection for asset users.

EXTREMIUM EXCHANGE is World’s First  Crypto Platform, and Cypto Exchange For Everyone.

In the modern world, when cryptocurrencies have been integrated into many spheres of human activity, no one doubts that this technology can change the world, because it is happening right now before our very eyes. In addition to powerful technology, a new branch of the economy was born, which attracted a lot of investors.

However, because of the high volatility and unpredictability of price movements, only a few investors are able to properly manage assets, and often bear losses. Therefore, the most urgent question currently has been: “How do I invest in cryptocurrency and get a stable and regular income, which will not depend on the current price in the market and recent news?”

This is the task set by the Extremium team to help investors receive a stable and regular profit, without delving into the technical details of market forecasting. This task is undertaken by our Enhanced Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network, which allows our investors to receive passive income and stop worrying about Bitcoin price.

Best Fiture From Extremium Exchange

High level of security

  The architecture is built in such a way as to provide a high level of protection for user assets.

High speed

Dashboard is created using the latest web technologies, which allows you to always have quick access to your profile.


We do not require any personal data from our users, and the transfer of data to third parties is completely excluded.

Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network

is the most powerful neural network that allows us to predict the future price index with maximum accuracy.


At the moment, there are no competitors in predicting the changes in the rate of cryptocurrency using Self-Organizing Neural Networks, which allows us to be the innovator.

When organizing crowdselling through the initial coin offering, we decided to create a token based on the ERC20 standard. Extremium Token has these characteristics:

  • Ethereum blockchain
  • Peer-to-Peer Network
  • Secure
  • Cross-project and cross-platform
  • High speed

Token Distribution

verification email after sigup, for legality regestration 
And then, this landing page after sign up

A little addition from me personally my advice for those of you who like to invest in the world of crypto currency in the altcoin section, you better immediately invest in EXT tokens.
Tokens produced by extremium exchange, because these tokens have a very good price increase potential in the future, many tokens released by their own platform, has a price increase, and many are attracted by cryptocurrency traders in the world.




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