Develop Your Venture Capital Token (FABA)

FABA is a magic bean token that bridges the startup community with traditional venture capital markets. Faba (FABA) financially supports companies with positive impacts on the environment, ecology, medicine, our education … We connect venture capital with the crypto community to receive valuable feedback on the projects we want to invest and on the other hand to get new project ideas from community to be supported. There will be an application available for Faba token holders, which will allow us to monitor our investment.
Faba LTD is a funding organization through STO that puts resources into healthy projects, where Faba turns into a valuable shareholder. Thank you for the efforts and collaboration of Faba coach groups that are valued by the organization. When the time comes, this organization is energized on the products of the underlying investment. FABA token holders will be compensated right when Faba organization arrangements will be sold, prizes will be distributed at ETH.
Faba is founded by a group of experienced people, whose intrigue is to help businesses and groups of individuals who want to influence the world. The shared vision has marked the objective fragments that have changed the earth today and added to promote improvement: IT and hardware innovations, food technology, biotech, education.
The best commitment of the blockchain for FABA that we find in liquidity tokens for our financial specialists in terms of speculation VC has limited liquidity because existing VC reserves are usually exchanged within 8-10 years. Through tokens, we create a network that offers us ideas, experiences for new businesses and current organizational settings.
FABA is a bean token that captures startup networks with traditional funding markets. FABA monetary supports organizations with positive effects on the environment, ecology, medicine, education. We connect funding with crypto networks so we get significant input on our efforts to place resources on and on the opposite side to get new assignments from the network to be supported. There will be an application that can be accessed by Faba token holders, who will empower to filter our speculations.
Benefits of the FABA Project:
Behind the Faba tokens there are original VC organizations with interesting project arrangements, which besides the benefits associated with money, they have a positive impact on our environment. Holders obtain Faba tokens with privileges for dividends, which have an attractive rate of return (ROI) and development of high valuation potential. Based on assets taken from the organization’s share value permit, the benefit level will be disseminated and paid to the Faba token holder as an ETH digital currency into the ETH wallet.
The main objective    of the ICO process is to get involved in the crypto monetary community and to get new ideas from the market. To enable investors who cannot be accredited to buy their investments through FABA tokens. When one portfolio company needs to be purchased, 70% of the funds will be used. After each success, 30% of the investment will be made and the growth of FBA indicators will be tried to be improved.
FABA Ltd will evaluate investment opportunities in food technology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics and other sectors. When choosing a project, the company to be invested will be determined by choosing a decentralized network. Both FBA Ltd and FBA token holders will be able to submit projects for voting.
Profits will be distributed fairly based on the shares sold in the Faba investment portfolio. The profit distribution will be
published first in a press release on the Faba website. The press release will include the name of the
company that came out, the conditions in which the company was sold, cash flow and date of payment. Profits
will be distributed in ETH to the ETH token wallet (FABA). It will always be paid when
receiving funds for shares sold by the company.
After registering a token (FABA) on the stock market, we will promote the value (FABA) of tokens with
sustainable global marketing from each project invested by Faba.
Potential project evaluation 
The process of selecting a suitable project begins with an analysis of the basic form filled in by the
applicant on our webpage: vc.fabainvest.com After the project matches the Faba investment strategy based on the investment note and meets the following criteria: business segment, market, global expansion and the size of the investment needed, then invited to the elevator pitch presentation to be introduced. The presentation is evaluated by a mentor (people who have a proven track record of building and selling their own company, or who have been
top management positions), they ask questions and provide feedback to the project. At the end of the presentation, select a mentor if the project can pass to the next round of assessment. More than 50% of the votes determine. On each project, the business plan and core team are evaluated. Products or services can always change in their journey, but the CEO and his team are the most important factors. Following is the publication of the elevator pitch that was successful in the application – blockchain,
place (FABA) token holders (having 2000 FABA minimum tokens) provide feedback when potential consumers and together with the Faba team make investment decisions.

Faba is looking for a unicorn

Faba is looking for the Faba Unicorn to invest mainly in people and their ideas because the original concept can change through the process. The company not only received financial support, but also gained valuable knowledge from experienced Faba mentors. These mentors have a lot of business experience and knowledge gained from running their own company and successfully completing their work. Faba collaborated with Jonathan Todd, who has been successful with three of his global web projects, Lenka Love, which has helped many startups succeed in their goals and many others …

The company is now in the PRE ICO phase with the possibility to buy tokens for $ 1 and receive a 40% bonus. The ICO will be completed by the end of June 2018. Anyone can get a share of all startup portfolios that Faba decides to invest and encourage on their journey. In the near future, it is planned to develop and launch a mobile application where FABA token holders will be able to track everything that happens with their favorite startup. For those who want to participate more actively in company development, Faba has created opportunities to gain voting rights so that you can inspire projects with your feedback and help choose the best projects.

(FABA) ICO 1: the value of a rounded token of $ 1
(FABA) The second ICO round value in: $ 1.3
Total number of tokens Advantages: 160M (FABA) tokens
PRE ICO + ICO sales: 80M token (FABA)
ICO Hardcap $ 67.5 million
Softcap ICO is $ 4 million
Investment for startup: $ 60.95 million
Min. investment: $ 200 – round 1, $ 1300 – round 2
Duration of ICO increase: 12 months, 2 rounds
ETH address for payment of FABA tokens



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