Facite – Blockchain Business Model in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the most ideal country in terms of regional conditions and profitability in Central Asia. Kazakhstan strives to strengthen its digital economy at the national level and affordable electricity.
In August this year, President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan invested in promoting the basic concept law in the field of digitalization
as a new approach to increase the market share of its members without undermining public confidence in the country to encourage value-added industries and reduce the share of raw materials. And plans to pursue innovation.
Kazakhstan aims to enter the world’s top 30 industrialized countries by 2050 and will implement a national program ‘Digitizing Kazakhstan 2017-2020’ in earnest to realize digitalization, the development of a new economy from the competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s economy through the development of an aggressive digital economic system. from economic development models and strategies Players in the global cloud computing market are also involved. This is a super-productive network that integrates hundreds of specialized computer systems, which can be used as a strong axis to
attract talented companies and help Kazakh citizens to gain a healthy domestic market share

Facite’s main goal is to promote and develop the economic and financial environment in Kazakhstan using blockchain technology, solar power plants are the main goal of sustainable and attractive investment projects that are valued in ways that seek improvement in social and economic life in general because the profits will multiply multiple from a social and economic perspective, trying to innovate technology and looking for truly sustainable ways to do this,In addition to spreading an area that is completely unexplored in terms of literacy from all parts of solar energy that can be in the scenario of quemineração this could be better than the technology applied from facite for more information visit the website and read the white book for more technical details


cheap electricity Data center and electrical equipment with city support. About 2 million mining machines are available, 49 years lease contracts, looking for better mining markets with abundant sustainable energy. FACITE has one step forward but ahead of all because with some innovations to be exploited it will also guarantee sustainable returns

There are several regions that have been considered as not optimal for carrying out mining activities such as China. Population density and the high activity that occurs there make the network system in the country less suitable for use in mining activities. This then led to the idea of ​​finding a new mining location that was very strategic and supported in many factors, especially geography. The Central Asia region is the most appropriate choice where Kazakhstan will become a new mining center. Ideal environmental conditions and adequate availability of resources make this country in accordance with the criteria sought. Therefore, the Kazakh government finally agreed to build a digital asset mining infrastructure in their country to help improve its economy. By involving digital elements,


With the implementation of this large project, it is expected that the revenue generated can meet every need of the citizens of Kazakhstan. The effort to build a power generation system will also save more money to pay for personal electricity bills. By building this project seriously and together, there will be more people who can be involved in this activity but are not charged the cost of swollen electricity bills. The benefits obtained through the construction of this project will be allocated in part to empower the community. This will be one of the efforts to introduce a new system to supply electricity from renewable sources. This is a new business model and is the first in the world to seriously work on blockchain technology projects involving the State government.


Private sales: 1 FIT = 5 won + 30% bonus

Key bonus amount

(After reaching 10% after the public register, 10% of the blocking will be gradually lifted)

IEO: 1 FIT = 5 won

Token Name: FACITE

Symbol: FIT

Token: ERC-20

-2Q 2018
· Creating a Foundation
• well-established
4Q 2018
· Installation of 500,000 mining machines
-e.xecution 2Q 2019
· 100,000 installations
mining machinery
· Solar power plants
registration at
· Mining center was established
• My start
· Min sharod lucky
· Public bus pilot operations
• Share bus cards • national lists
(Shimk • nt)
• Renewal of solar power generation sites
· Installation of 700,000
mining machinery
· Expand the use of bus cards
• Install on 900,000 • Installation 1.2
Million mining mining machines
· The right U payment machine
· Build the facts of solar transmitters • Solar power
· Approval for first solar energy dividends
• n • rgy transmission • r grid •
· Installation
1.5 million mining
· Isolation 2 •
million mining machines
1Q 2021
· Install 18 million machines min
· Make commercialization of coins


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🔗 Website:  https://www.facite.org/
🔗  White Book:  https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/8f0e7c_3b99c6eebe30449f9b30e0b477c01848.pdf
🔗  Twitter:  https://twitter.com/faciteofficial
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