Bitcoin in 2009, the United States for (苨) financial crisis, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is a time that is in full swing between the government and the central bank when the dollar falls and starts taking dollars because of fears that it is centralized QE Currency encryption is an anonymous developer named “Satoshi Nakamoto” to use money without the intervention of strong people. Bitcoin prices jumped 125% in 2016, reaching 990 dollars, and in early January 2017, prices exceeded $ 1,000. Prices jumped more than four times a year and four months compared to summer 2015, when prices dropped to $ 220 due to concerns about price stability, including hacking. After November 29, 2017, for the first time, it reached $ 20,000, for the first time over $ 10,000 , Prices have dropped and now stand at 82% below the peak. Since bit coins were issued, bitcoin mining continues to be mined, but the market does not see much light compared to the curve of the rise in the price of fast bit coins. However, when the value of Bitcoin changes rapidly, most investors who cannot handle it on time become
interested in mining Bitcoin, which is safer protecting and increasing asset value.
The mining process includes the location of the country. Although this process takes place numerically, environmental factors influence this activity. Not all regions can practice mining. This is due to the fact that each region has its own geographical position, which directly affects mineral extraction. Because this is related to high power consumption and requires a stable Internet, this makes geographical conditions affect the mining activities of digital assets. Mining companies will be involved in mining. Their function is to provide funds and ensure the management of ongoing processes in a controlled environment. This company plays almost the same role as the site, but the scale is bigger.
There are some areas that are considered not optimal for mining, such as China. Population density and high activity that occur there makes the network system in this country less suitable for use in mining activities. Then it led to the idea of ​​finding a new mining location, which would be very strategic and supported by many factors, especially geography. The Central Asia region is the most suitable choice, where Kazakhstan will become a new mining center. Ideal environmental conditions and the availability of adequate resources make this country in accordance with the required criteria. Therefore, the Kazakhstan government finally agreed to build a digital asset extraction infrastructure in its country to help improve its economy. Attract digital goods

About the project

Facite’s main goal is to promote and develop the economic and financial environment in Kazakhstan using blockchain technology. Solar power plants are the main goal of sustainable and attractive investment projects, which are evaluated in such a way as to improve social and economic life in general, because the benefits will increase. – Economic perspective, the search for technological innovation and the search for truly sustainable ways to do this, in addition to spreading an area that is completely unexplored in terms of all solar energy in this scenario, might be better than selling in place for more information and reading technical papers for further technical details
In accordance with the blockchain business model, the blockchain in Kazakhstan will contribute to the development of the Kazakhstani government on renewable energy sources, because since Khan 21 entered the solar energy sector with the purchase of commercial licenses and will be selected as an investment company, Talgar City with From the first gate to Korea to Kazakhstan the final report of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, we can FACITE is in a position where leaders fully accept this market opportunity and new solutions with transportation under license card payments from INNOB CO., LTD, introduction and operation of public transportation, planning to introduced the U billing system, the ideal data center environment,

Business Model and Facite Dividend Foundation

The Facite Foundation also operates maps of Kazakh buses and solar power plants. The solar power plant will be built in Almaty, one of the three largest cities in Kazakhstan. The Facite Foundation will receive a portion of the profits from these two projects and forward them to the token facite holders.
Facite token holders receive dividends from the profits of Pavlodar Facite Mining Center, Shimkent City bus ticket projects and solar power projects. Profits associated with holders can be examined in detail using the Facite Foundation dividend table.

solar power plant

Promotion of renewable energy business by the Kazakh government
KHAN 21 HOLDING entered the solar energy field. Buy a business license
Selected as an investment company – Talgar City, solar power plant and hydropower project area
The first Korean gate to lead the final report from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in Kazakhstan

transportation payment card

Get a license for INNOB CO., Ltd
Introduction and operation of public transportation
An introduction to the U-payment system

Data Center

Optimal environment, cheap electricity
Data center for electrical equipment with city support
More than 2 million mining machines are available
49 years lease


cheap electricity data centers and electrical equipment with city support. There are around 2 million mining equipment with a 49 year lease, looking for a better mining market with abundant sustainable energy. FACITE has taken a step forward, but that is mainly because it guarantees sustainable returns with several innovations that need to be used.
Characteristics    of Solar Energy Production – Promotion of Renewable Energy Business by the Government of Kazakhstan.
  • KHAN 21 HOLDING entered the field of solar energy. Buy a business license
  • Selected as an investment company – Talgar City, solar power plant and hydropower project area
  • Gate to the first Korean passport in Kazakhstan for the final report from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
    Payment Card Transportation – Get a license for INNOB CO., Ltd
  • Introduction and Operations] (      https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2402554     ) ian public transportation
  • Intended to introduce payment systems – U
    Data Centers – Optimal environments, cheaper electricity
  • Data center for electrical equipment with city support
  • More than 2 million mining machines are available
  • 49 year technical information contract
Promotion of renewable energy business by the Kazakh government.
KHAN 21 HOLDING enters the solar energy field. Buy business licenses
selected as investment companies – Talgar City, solar power plants and hydropower projects
. The first Korean gate to lead the final report from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in Kazakhstan.
Get a license for INNOB CO., Ltd.
Introduction and operation of public transportation
The U-payment system is planned to be introduced
Data Center
Optimal environment,
cheap electricity, data center for electrical equipment with city support.
a 49-year lease, around 2 million mining machines are available
Another important direction for the development of FACITE is solar energy. Kazakhstan is very concerned about environmental protection, the creation of green infrastructure and renewable energy sources. Kazakhstan has favorable geographical conditions for solar energy production. In this condition, experts predict the development of solar energy in Kazakhstan by an average of 17-32% per year. In addition, the country has silicon reserves and there are factories for solar cell production.


Kategori: IEO
User name token must be done:
Simbol token: FIT
Price: 1ETH = 30,000 FIT
IEO first – 10%,
IEO seconds – 5%
Total offer: 5,000,000,000
Soft Cap: 400.000.000 FIT
Hard Cap: FIT
Facite is the IEO rewards   https://www.namebit.co.kr/    on 27 and   29     doing May    .
The next IEO round will be announced soon on other exchanges!

Token distribution

The token is distributed as follows:
40% will go on sale
20% of the company’s business
10% of team members
10% marketing
10% for developers
5% consultant
Proposed 5%
Tokens issued to team members and advisors will be blocked for 6 months from the first day of trading.
This completes the review. Finally, I want to say that such a global and effective project will create a breakthrough in the field of cryptocurrency in the near future and bring benefits to its investors.

Create a road map

Q2 2018
The Facite Foundation was established.
Q3 2018
Business starts.
Q4 2018
Location of the center for mining and electricity contracts.
Q1 2019
Mining center was established.
Q2 2019
Installation of 100,000 mining machines.
Q3 2019
Installation of 300,000 mining machines.
Q4 2019
Installation of 500,000 mining machines.
Q1 2020
Installation of 700,000 mining machines. Increase bus card usage.
Q2 2020
Installation of 900,000 mining equipment. Make payment u.
Q3 2020
Installing 1.2 million mining equipment. solar energy dividends.
Q4 2020
Installation of 1.5 million mining machines.
Q1 2021
Installation of 1.8 million mining equipment. Commercialization of facite coins.
Q2 2021
Installation of 2 million mining machines.



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