FACITE- Developing Financial and Economic Environments with Blockchain Technology


Developing innovation in the financial industry will make blockchain and digital currency (cryptocurrency) have an important role in the digital economy. To support this, there is now an innovative platform that is FACITE. https://www.facite.org/

FACITE with Chain Block Business Model, blockchain In Kazakhstan will Promote renewable energy business from the government of Kazakhstan, because since Khan 21 HOLDING has entered the field of esolar energy, with the purchase of a commercial license and selected as an investment company, the city of Talgar with a grand-peripheral, a solar power station and a hydropower project area, with the first gate of the Korean line in Kazakhstan for the final report from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, we can conclude that FACITE is in a position where leaders fully accept this new market opportunity and solution, with the Transportation Payment Card License obtained from INNOB CO., Ltd, Introduction and operation of public transport, Planned to introduce the U payment system, the ideal Environmental Data Center, cheap electricity Data center and electrical equipment with city support. Searound 2 million mining machines are available, 49 years lease contracts, looking for better in the mining market with abundant sustainable energy. FACITE has one step forward but ahead of all because with some innovations to be exploited it will also guarantee sustainable returns.


Solar power plants – Promote renewable energy businesses from the government of Kazakhstan.

  • KHAN 21 HOLDING entered the solar energy field. Buy a business license
  • Selected as an investment company – Talgar city, solar power plant and hydropower project area
  • The first Korean pass gate in Kazakhstan to the final report of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
    Payment card transportation – Obtain a license for INNOB CO., Ltd
  • Introduction and operation] ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2402554 ) ian public transportation
  • Planned to introduce a payment system-U
    Data Center- Optimal environment, cheap electricity
  • Electric equipment data center with city support
  • About 2 million mining machines are available
  • 49 year lease contract


  • Private Sales: 1 FIT = 5 won + 30%
  • Bonus Quant it as lock-up bonus  (After reaching 10% after the public listing, 10% of the lock-up will be gradually lifted)
  • IEO: 1 FIT = 5 won
  • Token Name: FACITE
  • Symbol: FIT
  • Token: ERC – 20


Facite Foundation
• established
4Q 2018
· Installation of 500,000 mining machines

-work 2Q 2019
· Installation of 100,000
mining machines
Registration of suryadi power plants
· Mining centers established · Minutes to
· Minutes of profit sharing
· Pilot of public bus operations

Distribution of bus card profits • National list (Shimk • nt)
• Renewal of power plant sites solar power
· Installing 700,000
mining machines
· Develop bus card usage
• Install 900,000
mining • Installing 1.2 Mining mining machines One Million
· Adding U machine payments
· Building solar transmrtter factlity • Solar power
· Approval for 1nd dividend solar energy
• n • rgy transmitt •
 light weight •
· installation of
1.5 million mining
· lnsuillation of 2 •
million mining machines
1Q 2021
· installation of 18 million mining machines
· Commercialization of Facite coins

To find out more about facite, visit the link below:

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Profil ; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2600915
wallet ; 0xf372A0b4aEa179377143eA3EAaa9FE22Da1beBaF


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