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Good evening.FairWin is a project designed to solve serious problems in the global gaming industry. The creators of this platform position their development as a powerful gambling platform with an automated system for calculating winnings. Transparency and honesty of the gameplay is planned to be achieved through the use of modern Blockchain technology.
Fairwin’s Playground will bring gambling to a new level, making the game logic and the amount of winnings public. The concept of this project is to create an honest gaming space for both online game providers and gamblers. Participants of gambling games will feel more secure and will be able to be sure of the reliability of the results of gaming tournaments.
The operation of the platform is based on the use of the upgraded algorithm Fair Channel. With this data channel, players only spend time crediting and withdrawing money, but not on other transactions. An additional advantage is the ability to test the gaming algorithm on the Ethereum network. This option is available for each site user.
The main competitive advantages of the FairWin platform
FairWin platform will differ in a number of undeniable advantages, among which are the following:
Availability for any user. On the platform will be used by the game client HTML5/WebGL, so it will be possible to log in from any device.
Advanced control panel.
Support for games in 3D-format.
Security of gaming sessions. Each move made by gamblers will be checked by the server. This completely eliminates the possibility of influence of external factors on the gameplay.
Playing moves on the site will be several times cheaper than on other gambling portals.
Possibility of integration into other platforms. This process is carried out in a few clicks.
Record high speed of transactions. Game moves on the site are made instantly, and the process of gambling takes place outside the Blockchain system.
Variety of gambling. The platform will feature a large number of entertainment for every taste (poker, slot games, roulette, blackjack). In addition, gamblers will be able to try their luck on the betting exchange and in lotteries.
How to use the token FWIN on the Playground?
To ensure the smooth functioning of the gaming platform, the developers created AN internal fwin token. Users will make all important transactions involving this coin. Project partners will be able to purchase tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. They will have the right to determine the value of the coin for the players.
Tokens FWIN are universal in use. Players will be able to make their bets with their help. The number of coins issued is limited, this ensures a high demand for them. As new partners and players join the platform, the price of the token will grow.
With the help of what mechanisms will be achieved openness and honesty of the gameplay?
Smart-contracts will be used for registration of all game algorithms used on the site. These mechanisms will be expected to generate a winning combination. To ensure security, they will be signed with special keys, which completely eliminates the risk of possible interference in the gameplay of unauthorized persons.
The honesty of the game, declared by the developers, can be checked at any time. Gamblers will be able to access the codes of smart contracts and personally verify the accuracy of the information they are interested in.
The project team fairwin’s
As you know, the success of any startup in the gambling industry depends on the technologies used and the quality of the software used, but also on the skills of developers.
The FairWin project team is represented by talented people who have long-term experience in the gaming industry. They studied in detail the principles of functioning of the existing gambling portals and developed a fundamentally new game logic, using which you can turn gambling not only in the public, but also honest entertainment.
Technical specialists of the project have an Arsenal of highly specialized knowledge and skills. Thanks to this, they were able to develop a reliable gaming platform with the maximum degree of protection against unauthorized use.
The FairWin project team has a high chance to bring to the world market a qualitatively new product that deserves the attention of both investors and gamblers. Since the modern gambling industry is far from perfect, the demand for such products is quite high.
Users will enjoy a huge selection of entertainment with bright and memorable graphics. The process of authorization on the site will be very simple, and participation in the games will not require huge financial investments, which, of course, is one of the main advantages of the project.
The team has already developed several gaming software – take a look:
Selling tokens FWIN will commence on 7 July 2018.
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