Fairwin : Transparency and Honesty at its best!!!

Existing problems can be solved by FairWin – a decentralized gambling platform on Ethereum blockade . The use of blocking technology makes the gameplay transparent and fair, and the payments do not depend on the organizers. Developers of the site offer exciting games with high graphics, compatible with any device and browser.

More information on FairWin

The platform will allow gambling to reach a new level, make the logic of the game and the results of the winnings public. The essence of the project is the formation of an honest gaming space, where each of the parties – owners of online casinos, online game developers and the players themselves – will feel protected and confident of the reliability of the results.

The creators of FairWin offer a fundamentally new approach to gaming platforms: the entire gameplay is published, and payments are automated – the organizers will not be able to understate the amounts and manipulate the result. The work of the platform is based on the use of the Fair Channel algorithm, inside of which all the game moves are made, only two transactions take place in the locker – at the moment of crediting the game account and withdrawing the winnings. Thanks to the Fair Channel gameplay is quick and honest.

One of the advantages of FairWin is the ability to test the game algorithm in the network Ethereum.

Platform Advantages:

Wide availability – using the HTML5 / WebGL client allows users to play on any device and browser;
Upgraded control panel;
3D format support;
High level of security – every move of the player is checked by the server, which neutralizes the external influence on the process;
Reduction in the cost of game moves;
Easy connection to other sites;
High speed of operations;
A large number of gambling games – from serious poker to simple lotteries;
Open architecture.

Field of activity FairWin:

Slots games
Black Jack
Sports betting

To whom is the platform aimed?

Game content providers can easily connect the FairWin platform using the API .

What is the purpose of FairWin?

The creators of the platform intend to make the gambling market more honest and transparent than existing online casinos. In this they should help a large and unique experience in the gaming industry, as well as the use of modern technologies.

FWIN token: what is it for?

The internal FWIN token will be used to make bets in FairWin bluffs . The release of the token is limited, and the growth of the rate will be ensured by the connection of new players to the platform.

Fair play: how is this possible?

Using smart contracts. They will provide winning combinations. Thus, the possibility of interference in the gameplay of third parties is completely excluded. In this case, any player will be able to access the code of smart contracts to personally verify the reliability of the data.

What products are under development?

Team FairWin already has something to boast about. So, the launch is preparing the first slot multi-level game on the blockbuster Yggdrasil , which is based on Scandinavian mythology. Inside, the mechanism for accelerating FairChannel transactions is used, where all game moves are made. In the blockade there are only two operations: input and output of funds.

In development there are two more games – Top Drop and Back to the 90’s . The first is planned to be released in a free demo version, like Yggdrasil. The full version will be available for holders of FWIN tokens.

In the Top Drop beta, players will be able to reincarnate as a real Colombian smuggler in the mid-1970s and go through several levels, carrying cargoes on the plane and escaping from the police. In case of success, the gamer will be rewarded with cars, planes or money.

ICO FairWin

Stock ticker: FWIN
Cost of the token: 1 FWIN = $ 0.001
Start ICO: July 7, 2018
Purpose: $ 6 million
Hard cap: $ 25 million
The minimum size of the entrance: $ 1 thousand.
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, ZEC
Platform: Ethereum
Bonuses: 50%, followed by a 10% decrease in each phase of the ICO

The number of FWIN tokens is limited, the commission will burn in the first two years. The startup revenue will increase as new members enter the project.

Tokens will be distributed:

50% through ICO
45% – in project management
3% – partners-integrators of gaming platforms
2% – participants of the BOUNTY program
Remaining in the management of the company FWIN can be implemented on an acoustic.

Allocation of collected funds

50% for platform development
20% – for legal expenses
20% – for marketing and PR
10% – operating costs

Road map


July – ICO , connection of 10 games;
August – connection of 11 games;
September – the release of FairChannel, the addition of 16 games;
October-December – 128 games.


January – increase in the number of games to 173;
February – the transfer of FairWin partners for integration, only 225 games;
March – FWIN output to crypto-exchange (284 games);
April is the official release of games on gambling sites, the addition of 10 games (virtual and augmented reality).

Command structure:

Roman Morozov – CEO of the project, entrepreneur.
Mark Peters is a developer, has 10 years of experience in JavaScript, C #, Java and PHP.
Mihai Morosanu – Frontend developer, has created over 150 games since 2011.
Sergey Bolshakov is a leading developer with extensive experience in JavaScript, AngularJs, HTML5, WebGL.
Tom Bailey is a graphic designer, has been working as a game designer for more than 10 years.
Cameron Davis is a web designer. Expert in graphic design, interface design, UI and SEO.
Alex Svetlov – PR- specialist, has experience of interaction with the media, social networks, develops marketing strategies.
Andrew Harrington is a marketing specialist.

In general, the FairWin team consists of professionals, many of whom are very familiar with the games industry. However, Whitepaper says nothing about the advisers. The team itself declares its readiness for personal meetings with large investors to demonstrate their own developments.


With proper execution FairWin has every chance to enter the global market – this is a fundamentally new product that the modern online games industry needs. There is a demand for such projects, and due to the absence of strong competitors, the platform can become a leader in the market.

The developers promise the players a large selection of games with good graphics, an interesting storyline and transparent payments. An obvious advantage is practically ready demo versions of several games. Among the shortcomings can be identified lack of advisers and a large percentage of tokens, which goes into the management of the company. However, the latter factor smoothes out the possibility of selling coins at an auction.

The FairWin platform is interesting as an investment option – if developers follow their road map, the result can be a very interesting product. But do not forget about possible risks, so RusCryptoNews portal advises its readers to familiarize themselves with the technical documentation of the startup before investing in it.

Follow and chat with FairWin:

Webseite: http://fairwin.io/

Whitepaper: https://fairwin.io/fairwin_whitepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FairwinGambling

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairwin.gambling/

Telegram: https://t.me/fair_win

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3361166.0

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Bitcointalk-Profilelink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2429837

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