The Fantasy Sports Crypto Exchange

Fanex is a fresh take on fantasy sports betting

Pick the athletes you think will perform well and follow along as their token prices rise and fall! Use tokens to make bets in fantasy sports games or just HODL!

Whether you own tokens over multiple sports or just one, you’ll be able to collect, trade and bet with other fans around the world.

Will you load up on all-stars or focus on undiscovered up-and-coming talent? It’s all up to you!

Fanex has plans to support all major sports leagues as well as MMA, Boxing, NASCAR, Tennis and Esports!

Collect, trade and wager

Games won’t just be limited to those Fanex builds itself. Developers are able to build on our platform and make their own apps which incorporate Athlete Tokens.

Fanex Coins are purchased in the Fanex Private Sale, Pre-Sale, and Token Sale. Fanex Coins will be converted into Athlete Tokens at a rate of 1 to 1. Once a Fanex Coin is converted into an Athlete Token the Fanex Coin will be forever burned, resulting in a shrinking total supply.

Athlete Tokens are playable-tokens that can be held, traded, exchanged or used in fantasy-like betting games and competitions. An example being the first game we plan to release — a simple 1v1 wager where two fans each select a token and agree on a statistic to determine the winner with the loser giving up their token.

You could bet another fan a single token that Stephen Curry will score more points than LeBron James in an upcoming game — and if Curry does, you’ll receive both tokens!

Our platform will allow developers to build their own applications which incorporate Fanex tokens, creating more fun ways to use and win Athlete Tokens.


Our initial exchange launches of NBA, FIFA, Champions League and Premiership represent ideal entry points due to the global popularity of soccer, basketball and blockchain.

Q4 2018

  • Airdrop and token sale promotions
  • iOS app prototype

Q1 2019

  • Token Sale
  • Launch of Fanex Alpha with NBA support
  • Fanex Wallet

Q2 2019

  • Public beta
  • First betting games released
  • Addtional fantasy games developed in-house
  • FIFA, Champions League and Premiership support

Q3 2019

  • Web soft launch
  • Developer SDK start
  • eSports
  • NFL and NHL support added

Q4 2019

  • Launch of Fanex developer platform
  • First third-party games are released on Fanex
  • Support for MLB, UFC, Bellator and PGA

H1 2020

  • Support for over 10 sports leagues
  • Large betting game portfolio

Token Sale

Token symbol: FANEX

Token price: 1 ETH = 2,500 FANEX

Token supply: 200,000,000 FANEX

Hard cap: 80,000 ETH

Presale: To be announced

Main sale: To be announced

Token Distribution

Funds Distribution


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