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What is Fanfare? 

FanFare is a community-based community block platform that allows you to use social e-commerce content through the choice of instant store options depending on the brand. This platform is designed to enable social e-commerce for brands to interact with their potential customers through integrated brand interactions with potential buyers. In addition, FanFare will allow brands to change content created by consumers, various video recordings will become valuable items for customers.

When we talk about video monetization, there is only place in memory, where you get some money to post videos and they have enough views and likes, right? Who would have thought Youtube, right. However, because everything around us is always changing and new opportunities arise every day, today I present a project whose main focus is monetization of published content. 
Before we talk about projects and how they work, we need to talk a little about e-commerce. 
It is well known that the way people shop today is no longer the same as the past and thanks to technological advancements, this has given us a way to buy products and pay for services in ways that have never been seen before and the result is big money savings. 
Companies that have e-commerce always invest millions in advertising and advertising companies and often the services provided by these companies leave something to be desired, while on social networks we can see content posted by simple people with little knowledge of marketing and advertising to be a sales boom. Given this ineffective scenario and with a proposal to reach its maximum potential, Fanfare intends to make videos and content created for campaigns for companies or brands to monetize.

E-Commerce sosial

This is the name given to media content created by people who are willing to create content for a business or brand. Social e-commerce will function as follows. Platform users can create videos or any type of media that announces certain products of the company or brand and that content will be valued by the brand itself with the Fanfare ERC-20 token (Token FAN). This token is obtained as prizes can be redeemed for products on the sTore Fanfare platform.
The Fanfare Glopal Platform is a company based in Singapore and managed by a number of entrepreneurs, such as successful entrepreneurs, media professionals, law and investors with decades of experience and supported by investment companies.
We will have a new experience watching and sharing videos, the hours dedicated to making content can now be monetized on the Fanfare platform and the cool thing about it is that you can start now, because the Fanfare application is available for Android and IOs. Download now on Google Play or Itunnes!
The benefits of Fanfare  
Incentives – perhaps winning number one with FanFare is the ability of the platform to stimulate content sharing by converting user content into video clips with the ability to sell.
Interesting discounts – consumers get the opportunity to buy branded products from FanFare eFore kiosks to take advantage of additional prices and product discounts. 
Award for content creators with high-quality creations and users who buy products from eStore using FAN tokens.
The security of the content sharing process as an intellectual contract provides an effective and transparent verification process.
It is cheaper for brands that are looking for alternative advertising options and switch to their potential customers.
Developers from Fanfare’s decentralized platform will create competitive analogues from well-known sites like Amazon and eBay. They have succeeded in attracting large investors into their rankings – the availability of sufficient funds will enable the application of all projects that are connected to the design and functionality of the platform. However, FanFare’s main task is not the concept, but the competition faced with a platform that is already installed, and this will require significant changes for brands and consumers to finally understand this idea.
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