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Any business operator who does some of his or her business activities over the Internet can be said to have an online business.

This online business activity may include online buying and selling activities as well as online services and many other types of business that we find online in various industries.

In essence, if you have a business idea or a unique product, you can immediately start selling it over the Internet.

And if I may say that’s the same as traditional buy and sell transactions, but your office or business is online, so we’ll have to decide later on what kind of artificial look our business website suggests.

One such portal created with this idea of ​​a commercial video site is called “FAN FARE”.

In this portal, the various products to be sold are to be uploaded as videos. The various brands can view the videos uploaded under their brand and can also upload them to their website.

On this portal, people can upload their content for different products. If a particular brand likes the content of the author, the brand can use it on the website.

All transactions that run on this portal must be done using the portal’s own cryptocurrency called the “FAN” token

As a community-based, two-page platform for creating, maintaining, and converting video created by consumers into instant video for brands, Fanfare is designed to enable social trafficking right from the start. Builders blocks are created and customized right from the start with social movies and movies. Features and capabilities are designed and built to be more closely interconnected by facilitating integrated bidirectional brand consumer branding so that brands can extend their relationship with their customers to maintain trust, familiarity and positivity.

Unique features of the fanfare:
Easy to hijack videos easily. Gathered by consumers in easy to hijack videos. Users can also post and share videos on Fanfare as on any social media platform. An added incentive is that BUY buttons for each of these consumer-generated videos in Fanfare are converted into instant-storable videos.

Fanfare ecosystem aims to solve this problem. With the ERC-20 Fanfare Token (FAN Token) we build the FAN Token (FAN Token).

Brands use markers as a reward mechanism for creators by converting their user-generated videos into purchased videos. In this way, any user-generated video can have the potential to become a selling point to the brand, turning the entire social platform into the marketplace for the product.

Users will also be interested in watching videos from friends or other consumers. Users can in turn use the FAN token they have received to purchase products from the Fanfare eStore.

Consumers who purchase products from the Fanfare eStore can benefit from attractive discounts or additional benefits.

Fanfare Global Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company, has created this fanfare ecosystem.

The company is run by a number of entrepreneurs, successful business owners and professionals in the media, legal, marketing, finance and investment sectors with decades of experience and support from investment companies.

We’ve built the most complete, centralized social commerce platform – The Fanfare App.

Token FAN dibangun di atas tiga pilar utama:
Berbagi Upaya – membangun kepercayaan pemangku kepentingan dan memastikan keberlanjutan.
Wealth Distribution – ekonomi win-win-win di mana semua pemangku kepentingan akan mendapat manfaat dari berbagi insentif dan penghargaan
Membuka Nilai Baru – melalui konversi video yang dibuat pengguna ke dalam video yang dibeli.

Merek tidak diberdayakan untuk memonetisasi atau memanfaatkan sejumlah besar video buatan pengguna secara efektif, sementara banyak pembuat accounts tidak mendapat imbalan yang memadai atas upaya mereka. Hubungan Consumption Consumption terfragmentasi dan kurangnya interkoneksi closed-loop antara pembuat accounts, merek, dan consume.

Fanfare bertujuan untuk menciptakan ekosistem di mana pembuat accounts, merek, dan consume dapat terhubung dengan erat. Merek akan menggunakan Token FAN sebagai mekanisme hadiah bagi pembuat accounts dengan mengonversi video buatan pengguna mereka menjadi video yang dibeli yang akan bertindak sebagai nilai jual untuk merek, sehingga menjadikan seluruh platform sosial sebagai pasar untuk produk tersebut.

Bergabunglah dengan lebih dari 150,000 pengguna lain dan unduh platform perdagangan sosial co-create and video-sharing bagi penggemar dan penonton untuk berbagi dan menonton segala sesuatu tentang merek favorit merka.

Token & ICO details
Ticker FAN
Type ERC20
Accepts- ETH
Total FAN token supply: 2,000,000,000 FAN
FAN token supply for private sale: 400,000,000 FAN (20% bonus)
FAN token supply for Pre-ICO sale: 200,000,000 FAN (10% bonus)
FAN token supply for Crowd sale: 200,000,000 FAN (5% bonus for Part 1, 0% bonus for Part 2)
Price of FAN token: 1 ETH = 10,000 FAN
Price- 1 FAN = 0.0001 ETH
ICO Hard Cap: Fixed, $ 40,000,000
ICO Soft Cap: Yes, $ 4,000,000

Fanfare Street Map (FAN)
December 2016
Fanfare App Development begins.May 2017
Launch of Fanfare Application Beta with 20,000 users.August 2017
The official launch of Fanfare App.October 2017
Fanfare App reached 150,000 downloads.January 2018
The official launch of the Fanfare Brand Application.February 2018
Preparation for ICO.May 2018
Personal Sale begins.July 2018
PreICO sales startedSeptember 2018
Crowdsale begins January 2019
The basic wallet should be upgraded. March 2019
Complete Fanfare Wallet.June 2019
Wallet integration into Fanfare platform functionality.3Q 2020
Complete Fanfare eStore

They have managed to attract large investors to their rankings – the availability of sufficient resources will enable the implementation of all projects related to the design and platform functionality. The main task of FanFare is not the concept, but the competition with already installed platforms. This will require significant changes for brands and consumers to finally understand this idea.

This is my review to promote the progress of the FanFare cap

Additional Information:

White Paper:
ANN. :
Telegram: FanfareICO

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