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In today’s reviews related to the community of instant shoppable videos
Blockchain offers a paradigm shift in the field of e-commerce through innovation and improving trade quality. But how can you bind a network of blocks to electronic commerce? It is important to consider in more detail how blocking companies will work to help the e-commerce sector.
Innovative technology will make it possible to deal with the situation, fix all the flaws, developers of a decentralized platform Fanfare believes that the use of blocking and intellectual contracting will open up new opportunities for customers. The e-commerce segment will receive the development necessary to protect users from fraud and various issues.
A community-based two-sided platform to create, curate and convert consumer-generated videos into instant Shoppable Video for brands, Fanfare is built from the start to enable Social Trafficking. Builders’ blocks are built and customized with Social Movies and Movies Videos in mind from the beginning. Features and functionality have been carefully thought out and designed appropriately to help brands and consumers connect more closely, by facilitating the integrated two-way Brand-Consumer branding, so brands can broaden their relationship with their customers to maintain trust, familiarity and positivity.
Fanfare unique features:
allows brands to turn all Videos Collected by Consumers into Easy to Hijack Videos easily. Users can also easily post and share videos on Fanfare as on any social media platform. An additional incentive is that brands can now accurately and cost-effectively add BUY Buttons to any of these consumer-generated videos in Fanfare, converting them into Instant Shoppable Videos.

that creators will get rewards and brands can leverage the power of Consumer Generated Videos to build their image, promote their products and encourage direct sales, or to generate leads, while at the same time, creating their own library of consumer-generated videos that are collected viral in their own channels.
FAN tokens are used as a reward mechanism for content creators who create videos through shoppable Brands, as well as consumers who wish to use the ecosystem will need to purchase FAN tokens, where they can add products to create video users.
Audiences – content consumers who will be able to use domestic currency to purchase necessary content in online store FanFare, access to websites and brand campaigns. FanFare Electronics Store will provide their products in electronic platform stores, and for any purchase, you can use domestic currency in the form of FAN token

Fanfare Street Map (FAN)

  • December 2016
    Fanfare App Development begins.
  • May 2017
    Launch of Fanfare Application Beta with 20,000 users.
  • August 2017
    The official launch of Fanfare App.
  • October 2017
    Fanfare App reached 150,000 downloads.
  • January 2018
    The official launch of the Fanfare Brand Application.
  • February 2018
    Preparation for ICO.
  • May 2018
    Personal Sale begins.
  • July 2018
    PreICO sales started
  • September 2018
    Crowdsale begins
  • January 2019
    The basic wallet should be upgraded.
  • March 2019
    Complete Fanfare Wallet.
  • June 2019
    Wallet integration into Fanfare platform functionality.
  • 3Q 2020
    Complete Fanfare eStore


They have succeeded in attracting large investors into their rankings – the availability of sufficient amount of funds will allow the implementation of all projects connected to the design and platform functionality. However, FanFare’s main task is not the concept, but the competition it faces with already installed platforms, and this will require significant changes for brands and consumers to finally understand this idea.
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