Fantasy Coin” (FXXX), Fantasy is a fully-functional, adult narrative-driven mixed-reality (VR/AR) city broken into 19 themed red-light district sectors on an exact replica of Mars. Accessible in VR, AR and on the normal web, the city is a fantastically designed ‘Red Light Strip’ where each street is uniquely, tantalizingly themed and behind every window lies a different fantasy. In Fantasy, you can follow your desires and embody yourself inside them: be a guy, be a girl, shed your inhibitions and ‘FXXX with your alter ego’.

Energized by its very own Cryptocurrency ‘FANTASY’ is a Shady area of town broken into 19 themed segments, making up the Red Light Strip on Mars. The city is worked in the vein of a ‘red light strip’ where each road has another topic and behind each window lies an alternate fantasy. Pick the dreams you need to do and exemplify yourself inside them. Be a person, be a young lady, discover your hindrance and ‘FXXX with your adjust sense of self’. Filled by the Fantasy Solution ‘FANTASY”, visit Mars and investigate the vivid Shady area of town that exists inside your brain. A fantasy where grown-up stars compete to make you the subject of their wants. Venture into their red light window lofts and turn into the star of your own special dreams. There is just a single catch! You should win enough FANTASY’ to remain in the story. When FANTASY runs out access is denied and you’ll have to proceed to win more. The city is available in both VR, AR and on the typical web. FANTASY is propelling by enabling you to purchase virtual land inside an officially utilitarian Shady area of town.
Fantasy is a city of sensual dreams conveyed into 19 themed divisions, Every segment involves stars living in Red Light Window lofts – attracting yours into your very own dreams. Venture inside and you’ll find that these are lofts, however, gateways into fantasy universes that will accept you as far in as you’re willing to go. Would you be able to discover out? Would you even like to? Lose all sense of direction in your very own consistent experience

How do clients acquire fantasy coin?
Guests acquire FANTASY’ as a reward by watching sensual substance given by brands endeavoring to draw you into their zones. Basically look’ at boards and customer-facing facade windows, trigger substance and procure rewards for the time you are locked in. Stroll around, shop through the dreams and hindrances that standard your psyche – and after that progression once more into the FANTASY zone. Groups of onlookers submerge themselves in free substance and gain Fxxx credits/rewards for the real-time locked in. This is determined on every second utilizing the ‘look’ specialist – ie crowds trigger/drench themselves in substance just by looking. This model makes for another and consistent experience inside VR grown-up universes. In any case, what this model accomplishes for the grown-up stars themselves is a genuine distinct advantage. The key USP for grown-up stars is that VR content enables grown-up stars to re-utilize a scene again and again while giving the presence of being the live day in and day out. A grown-up star, by and large, must have sex multiple times to make the most extreme measure of cash from a porno motion picture – after which they can never again profit from it. Utilizing Fxxx they just must have sex once, and the scene can profit for them 1000 x over. The male/female body can be epitomized again and again this enables grown-up stars to profit while they rest.
How Does the Deal Work?
The land deal happens in four stages.
(I) REGISTER YOUR Advantage ‣ Put your name on the white-list for 30% reward
(ii) Offer ON PROPERTY Utilizing ETH OR GZE ‣ Make the triumphant offer in time assigned and the property is yours. ‣ Offers with Look Coin get up to 30 % reward. Jump on white rundown now!
(iii) RECEIVE ERC 721 Lease TOKENS ‣ Purchasers get an extraordinary ERC 721 ‘Lease’ Token one of a kind to each plot of land. By sending this token to another gathering they exchange rights to procure FXXX to another gathering, taking an income share.
(iv) Get FXXX COINS FROM Client Development POOL ‣ All land purchasers will get FXXX coins from the client development pool professional rata as indicated by the estimation of their buy.
Property in Fantasy is known as Dreamspaces where VR content, VIP entryways to premium substance and wormholes to associating spaces are put away. Property proprietors may make their very own fantasy subject’ inside their fantasy space’ choosing from a progression of layouts or utilize a manufacturer. Proprietors can lease their Dreamspaces to whoever they need utilizing an ERC721 lease’ token and will acquire a straightforward income share charged on all exchanges that happen inside their Dreamspace. FXXX Coin utilizes eye following to make an exchange that rewards proprietors for basically looking (look activating substance). For instance, proprietors of condos, boards, or another land in high-traffic territories will get rewards for commitment happening on the land (for example a player viewing a promotion). Just as vacant loads of land where you can construct whatever your heart wants, each segment has a predetermined number of the accompanying.
‣ Red light window condos (incorporates the space lofts upstairs)

‣ Penthouse lofts

‣ Strip clubs

‣ Disco-tech/Night clubs

‣ Backrub parlors

‣ Peep appears

‣ Red light films

‣ Announcements

‣ Candy machines

‣ Instrument sheds

‣ Saunas

‣ Whole City squares

‣ Town Squares

Plan of action:
This is actually all up to your own aptitude and exertion. It’s dependent upon you to pick the loads of land that you think will create the most traffic. You can transform your plot of land into anything you need. Make an offer for a plot of the land/condo and so on that you accept will be in a high traffic region. Fabricate the most astonishing sauna, red light film mind-boggling, sensual craftsmanship historical center – or some other vivid/AR the world your clam, You would then be able to put your plot of arriving available and exchange it on in our Fantasy Land commercial center
(I) YOU Gather Income Offer On all Exchanges! The city has an in assemble look’ cooperation driven plan of action. Any exchanges that happen in or out the front of a great deal acquire 8% income offer for the proprietor. This gives you a chance to kick back and enable grown-up stars and brands to use your land and you gain without lifting a finger! U
(ii) YOU CAN Lease YOUR Condo TO STARS and BRANDS Fantasy incorporates a model where property proprietors can lease apartments by just issuing an ERC 721 lease token. This gives the holder of the token the privilege to utilize the property/fill it with their substance. This model makes the Fantasy leasing model consistent
(iii)FREEMIUM Plan of action The FANTASY Shady area of town has a freemium’ plan of action. All red light window’ lofts have a free segment where guests procure FXXX for the time they are inundated/for the time they are drenched inside trailers and so on. Venturing through the VIP entryway into the exceptional zone’ requires the client to have sufficiently earned tokens to do as such. When they venture through they spend tokens at a rate of 1 FXXX every moment (this will alter with volume and request). When they run out they have to proceed to gain more FXXX or they can buy what they need from the GazeCoin wallet.
(iv)PREMIUM Universes Once guests have sufficiently earned tokens they open premium zones of the seedy area of town. In the event that guests need to bounce straight into these zones without doing any/enough gaining movement, they should buy the tokens required.
(iv)ADULT BRAND/STAR TOKENS Grown-up Stars can move into an empty condo. When they do as such they create their own marked token. At the point when guests venture into their loft, they gain a measure of tokens for nothing. On venturing into the top-notch zones, guests are basically acquiring FXXX from the grown-up star/brand being referred to. The brand holds 80% of takings
(v) Client Development POOL A 10% of the all-out FXXX sold in the deal will be assigned to a client development tool. This funds the prizes’ that grown-ups stars and brands give clients to their free commitment.
(vi) WORMHOLES All virtual land is associated with different universes and parts through wormholes’. Proprietors can pick where to send traffic. Shared traffic create an arrival for the sender at a rate of 10% of any spending in the associated
(vii) HOW Would I Gain FANTASY? Guests win fantasy’ as a reward by watching suggestive substance given by brands attempting to bait you into their zones. Just look’ at bulletins and customer-facing facade windows, trigger substance and win rewards for the time you are locked in. Stroll around, shop through the dreams and restraints that standard your brain – and afterward venture again into the FANTASY zone.
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