Fantasy Coin FXXX ICO Review

Fantasy is a city of erotic dreams delivered to the 19 themed sector. Each sector consists of stars living in Red Light Window apartments and enters into your own fantasies. Enter inside and you’ll discover that they’re not only apartments, but also into fantasy worlds that will take you as far as you’re willing to go. Can you find the way out? You want to do it? Lost in uninterrupted adventure.

How do users earn fancy money?
Visitors are rewarding FANTASY by following the erotic content provided by the brands that are trying to attract you to their region. Just browse the billboards and store the front windows, trigger the content and earn rewards for the time you aim. Move around, shop for fantasies and obstructions that manage your mind, and then step back into FANTASY. Audiences divide themselves into free content and earn Fxxx credits / rewards for real time. This is calculated in a second using the ‘stare’ technician – that is, the viewers simply trigger / pull themselves into content. This model provides a new and uninterrupted experience within the VR adult worlds. But this model is a real game changer for adult stars themselves. The average adult star has to have 5 times sex to earn maximum money from the porn movie – after that they can no longer earn money. They have to have sex only once using Fxxx, and the scene can earn 1000 x. Male / female body can be shaped again and again. This allows the adult stars to make money while sleeping. g.

How Does Sales Work?

Land sale takes place in four stages.

(i) SAVE YOUR INTEREST ‣ Put your name on the white list for a 30% bonus.

(ii) USE OF ETH OR GZE GIVE THE POSSIBLE IN THE FEATURE winning Perform the winning bid at the allocated time and get the property to you. Offers with Gas Gaze Coin will receive up to 30% bonus. Now whitelist!

(iii) ERC 721 RECEIVING RENTAL RECEIVERS ar Receivers receive a unique ERC 721 AL Rent Token C for each individual plot. By sending this token to another side, they transfer their rights by transferring revenue to another side to earn FXXX.

(iv) BUY FXXX COINS FROM THE USER GROWTH POOL All land buyers will receive FXXX tokens from the user growth pool based on the value of their purchases.

The feature in Fantasy is known as Dreamspaces, where VR content is stored in the premium content, the VIP entry gates and wormholes in the connection areas. Owners can create their own dreams within their ‘dream space’ by selecting one of a series of templates or hiring a builder. Owners can choose to rent their Dream Areas anywhere they want by using an ERC721 rental token and earn a simple revenue share charged on all transactions in the Dreams Area.
‣ Strip clubs
‣ Disco-tech / Night clubs
‣ Massage salons
ları Peep show
kulüp Red light cinemas
‣ Billboards
‣ Automats
eler Tools
‣ Saunas
dair All City Blocks
pencere Town Frames

Business model:

It really depends on your own abilities and efforts. It is up to you to choose a lot of land that you think will create the most traffic. You can convert your land to anything you want. A land/apartment etc. that you believe will be in a high traffic area. Build the most amazing sauna, red-lighted cinema complex, erotic art museum or any other gripping / AR with your oyster, then create your land in the market and trade in our Fantasy Real Estate market.

(i) GET THE INCOME SHARE IN ALL PROCEDURES! The city has a built-in interaction-driven business model. All transactions occurring in front of or outside a lot earn an income share of 8% for the owner. This allows you to sit back and let your adult stars and brands use your property and win without having to lift a finger!

(ii) You can rent apartments for STARS & BRANDS. Fantasy includes a model where owners can rent apartments by arranging only an ERC 721 lease token. This fills the owner of the token with the right / right to use the property. This model makes the Fantasy rental model smooth

(iii) FREEMIUM BUSINESS MODEL FANTASY The Red Light Zone has a freemium ‘business model. All red-light windows’ apartments have a free section since the FXXX wins / is released during the time they are taken. The entry of the VIP entry door into the premium area requires the user to gain an adequate number of tokens. do so. Once they step in, they spend token at a rate of 1 FXXX per minute (this is adjusted by volume and demand). Once they are exhausted, they need to get more FXXX and go, or they can buy what they need from the GazeCoin wallet.

(iv) PREMIUM WORLDS The visitors open the premium zones of the red light zone after having won enough tokens. If visitors want to jump directly to these areas without sufficient / zero-earning activity, they must purchase the required tokens.

(iv) ADULT BRAND / STAR DISCUSSION Adult stars can enter an empty apartment. When they do, they produce their own branded token. When visitors enter their apartments, they earn some token for free. Visitors to premium locations are essentially buying FXXX from that adult star/brand. Trademark holds 80% of holdings

(v) USER GROWTH POOL 10% of the total FXXX sold in the sale will be allocated to a user growth pool. This award finances the awards that adult stars and brands provide for free participation to users.

(vi) WORLD OWNERS All virtual real estate is dependent on wormholes and other worlds and sectors. Owners can choose where to send traffic. Shared traffic generates a 10% return on any spend connected to the sender.

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