Hi everybody here, in this my post I will talk about Honeypod venture which was made to shield web clients from all kind of maltreatment and uncertainties on the internet.



The undertaking’s name is HoneyPod. You can end up familiar with dynamically about it here. Its central objective is to ensure that our devices are securely associated with the web.

The versatility of this task is that Honeypod is a little device that interfaces with our home switch and self-checks every one of the information stream, filter through malignant applications, distinctive contamination information, spam advancements, and diverse aggravations that may horribly impact our web network. Thusly, Honeypod screens the networks of all devices related with the framework protectedly, and besides animates the correspondence systems and fabricates the information swapping scale double the its rate before .


  • Unlike different undertakings, Honeypod is a venture with a genuine item. With Honeypod, which is sold by the task group, clients can introduce this framework on their PCs in a brief span.
  • Honeypod is intended to adjust to every one of the present advancements. With this framework, the status of the entire framework from PC to shrewd home apparatuses can be checked.
  • With Honeypod, clients can graphically survey all information. Vindictive programming that the framework is indicted and hampered is constantly recorded by a log document. Clients would then be able to open these records to follow exercises and assaults previously.
  • Each client has his own profile. Clients can screen the task status and point by point reports of their gadgets through this profile. Clients can hinder a few sites and documents from running in the event that they need to. Honeypod may square information from boycotted sites without harming the framework.
  • Many clients have endured harm because of the change of dns in crypto cash frameworks. PC programmers, who know about the shortages in the DNA, can take the information of the clients by going over these holes. Honeypod dns blocking framework keeps clients from changing their dns consequently.
  • With Honeypod’s coordinated vps administration, clients needn’t bother with any outsider programming. Customary vps frameworks gather every one of the information of clients and pitch them to huge organizations and states. In the Honeypod framework, no information of the client can be imparted to different establishments and associations.
  • Honeypod ensures all layers in the framework, not only a gadget. By making firewalls over various gadgets, the framework keeps PC programming designers from penetrating frameworks. It is just important to associate this gadget with just a single usb memory size to just a single gadget. The framework that is naturally incorporated into the framework keeps the showcase of undesirable notices on the client’s PC and the entrance to non-client locales. Honeypod, which screens and updates the framework occasionally, is continually restoring itself with updates.

Honeypod Conclusion

Using a blockchain-based security framework, Honeypod will in like manner have a productive age. Customers will in all likelihood surf the web with these devices, which they can purchase with different features. The nuances of this productive venture can be found in the going with web based life accounts.

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