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May 21, 2018


With the explosion of virtual currency, more and more teams and companies hope to raise funds through ICO. However, after the explosion of 2017 until March 2018, the news that the ICO project fled began to increase rapidly. Therefore, there is an issue that many investors are eager to solve which is how to choose a valuable ICO project.

But now, you need to focus on this one, Faxport


Faxport is a blockchain-based sports business service platform. Faxport will utilise naturally decentralised and unalterable distributed ledger technology to increase security and mutual trust levels, whilst also reducing abuse and establish a trust system for the global sports industry. Thereby, we provide a platform for participants with a user experience based on trust and security.


With the rise in popularity of sports industry also comes the rise of challenges and adversity. At present, there is a profound trust deficit. Moreover, participants in sports business are also suffer from high economic cost and low level of informationalisation which results that sports industry can’t make a breakthrough all this time.

However, we still have firm faith in the development of sports industry.

We believe that sports are changing their business models to engage directly, and even partner with fans. This new, non-linear relationship also represents unprecedented commercial opportunities. That is one of the reasons why we establish Faxport.


For a young team like Faxport, it is a good start to achieve excellent scores on authoritative platforms such as TrackICO and ICObench. Before the publishment of the release, Faxport rates 5.0 and 4.9 respectively in the above platforms (the full score is 5.0).

The Faxport team consists of 16 people, mainly in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Tokyo. Majority of them joined the team in 2016. Due to their love and understanding of sports, they want to do something unprecedented. “We have LinkedIn, Facebook, and Kickstarter, but why it does not have a dedicated services platform when facing the raising sports business market?”

Vincent, the co-founder of Faxport, used to be a Commercial Director of China’s largest Internet recruitment company. He also founded his own company before. As an amateur basketball columnist, he always thinks that what kind of relationships it should be among a business, a product, and a person when the sports business becomes a large field.

By 2017, the global sports market output has exceeded 2 trillion U.S. dollars. But in emerging markets like China, more and more companies and projects are willing to join.

As an Internet project combined the nature of blockchain, Faxport aims to solve many problems in sports, such as the flow of globalization, trust between corporates and participants, project and product fundraising and investment, and talent recruitment. Another co-founder Davids has always been the head of operations for the sports investment incubator. After analyzing many projects, he points out that the largest problem is that there is no professional platform dedicated to the sports industry, even if this industry is close to or exceeds vehicle, entertainment, education, etc.


Faxport has started their exploration in two typical sports business market segments, China and Japan. In China, Faxport cooperated with Kuai Tiyu company and established a database containing more than 40,000 companies and 60,000 practitioners. This database will continue to accumulate on a global scale and may become the most comprehensive sports and corporate database ever built. Unlike China, the sports business market in Japan is relatively mature. Owing to the anticipated stimulus of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, people in Japan all have established or developed sports-related business departments from the government level to enterprises. Faxport will be officially operating in Japan in the middle of 2018, through cooperation with the largest local sports talent recruitment company.



Sports crowdfunding platform

Through community voting, smart contracts and other blockchain technologies, a community autonomy sports investment and crowdfunding platform is constructed. Users support the subject including but not limited to athletes, events, startup projects and products in the community by using the ballots they have.

● FAX Data

Sports Business Database

Faxport records global sports industry data, including but not limited to company information, industry information, supply information, venue information, building a 100% fully-trusted database through blockchain.

● FAX Connect

Sports Business Social Network

By connecting global sports industry participants, everyone can find trustworthy business partner on Faxport.

● FAX Career

Sports Talent Recruitment

Recruiters can reach job seekers in a more efficient way by setting up rewards to accelerate and amplify the spread of recruitment information through Faxport.

How To Solve Problem In Sports Industry

1.Scale Of The Global Sports Market

The sports industry is internationally recognised as being an industry of the 21 st century which is most lively, as well as being highly fluid, intersecting, driving and possessing deep potential. During the past decade the global sports industry grew at an average of 5 % per annum, higher than global GDP growth, which measured 2.5 % per annum, and is predicted to become one of the world’s four main industries. From a global perspective, in the regions where sports is strong: North America, Western Europe, and Japan and Korea, the industry has already grown to a certain scale and has become a pillar industry. Data shows that in 2017 , the production value of the global sports industry approaches US$ 200 million per annum. This includes competitive sporting events, sports & fitness industry, sporting goods, venue operators, intermediaries, and traditional sports media. With such a diverse range, its market scale is huge.

2. The Current Problems In The Sports Industry

A. The issues of trust hinder communication and cooperation

Lack of trust has led to the numerous problems plaguing sports and has lead to partici­pants, including industry employees and sports hobbyists, distancing them­selves from the sports ecosystem.This latent danger has inverted the core value system in which sports, exercise and its industry should be grounded.

B. Loss of data and counterfeiting hinder the selection and circulation of talents

The pace of globalization in sports has accelerated, and communication among global sports practitioners has become increasingly frequent. However, due to the lack of data in the sports industry and fraud, sports talents cannot be properly circulated, thus affecting the development of the entire sports industry.

C. The intermediary which is not reliable and needs to confirm the authenticity has hindered the rapid circulation of sports business.

Nowadays, the circulation of sports and commerce still needs to find a credible middleman as an endorsement. For example: We buy a pair of shoes, and we will compare them with each other and choose the most feasible platform for purchase. The platform is a highly viable intermediary here, but it is still unable to take care of 100% of the goods. The existence of such an intermediary to confirm the need to influence the consumer’s judgment, hinder the rapid circulation of sports and business.

3. Changes Brought By Faxport

A. Reestablishing Trust Relationships

Faxport will utilise naturally decentralised and unalterable distributed ledger technology to increase security and mutual trust levels, whilst also reducing abuse and establish a trust system for the global sports industry. Thereby providing a platform for partici­pants with a user experience based on trust and security.

B. Establish A Global Interconnected Networking Platform For Sports Participants

Based on blockchain, Faxport has created a “LinkedIn” for the vertical sports industry field. Using blockchain technology to coun­ter core problems such as resolving data accumulation, privacy security, data falsifica­tion, it provides a true identity and resource for sports industry talent en­gaged in networking and recruitment environments, raising the industry’s overall opera­tions efficiency, whilst also bringing global sports industry talents together, creat­ing a networking platform for globalised sports talents, conveniently maximising functions such as resource exchange, business networking, and talent recruitment.

C. Accelerating Mobility In Global Sports Com­merce

Faxport is creating a sports commerce service platform based on new trust mecha­nisms, which not only truly display the corporate brand and its promotion, but also release an upgrading of the entirety of its brand value, leading to the promotion of the brand across the world. And in so doing coming into contact with a real interna­tional voices. It is industry leading, in line with capital trends, and influencing govern­ment. It clearly understands that sports industry growth trends means actively and easily crossing regional barriers, bringing each participant’s high quality re­sources together, and thereby facilitating effective collaboration.

This can profit the individual. For instance, a person who needs to purchase a pair of football boots or a windbreaker does not need to rely on endorsements for the suppliers from central­ised platforms, but can quickly connect with a reliable supplier via true, transparent, reliable information pertaining to transactions and the brand, avoiding the stress the comes with the transactions procedures of overseas purchasing, thereby lowering the costs of said overseas purchases, whilst also resting assured in the knowledge that the goods will be delivered. Faxport will accelerate the product and service cycle, linking together stakeholders in global online sports commerce, as well as that of the fluidity of global sports commerce.

D. Lowered economic costs

Benefiting from the application of Faxport’s artificial intelligence agreements, the plat­form participant can easily verify the credentials and identity of another party when engaged in communications and transactions on the Faxport platform, thereby raising the transparency, efficiency and security of transactions in multiple ways. This greatly reduces operating costs, achieving effective co-ordination, optimised resource allocation and also lowers overall economic costs.

Operation Partner in China

As we all know, there is a huge potential in China’s sports business market. Since the publishment of article №46 issued by China’s State Council in 2014, a national document on promoting the development of the sports market from top to bottom, it is likely to believe that sports will become the next hot spot under the joint promotion of capital and society.

The same as many vertical areas, sports business in China also need someone to build the basic infrastructure services. Therefore, as a team whose members are mainly from Hong Kong, Faxport chose Mainland China as the first country to collaborate with and collaborated deeply with Kuai Tiyu to launch a platform website.

The Kuai Tiyu platform is deeply embedded in the sports database established by Faxport, and is subdivided into localized categories, filled with venues and stadiums data. During the whole year of 2017, Kuai Tiyu has communicated and cooperated with hundreds of Chinese sports companies, helping them to achieve close integration and higher efficiency in media reporting, exhibition participation, and talent recruitment. Simultaneously, it also actively cooperates with many sports official organizations, associations, and financial institutions.

What Faxport brings is not only the continuous updating of data but more importantly, it establishes a globally mobile blockchain. It allows every enterprise and participant in the sports business to find a place, which lays a good foundation for realizing such business cooperation and business socialization.

Because the regulatory policy for Cryptocurrency has not yet been finalized, Kuai Tiyu will currently be a version used detaching from Token in China. Faxport will synchronize services when Tokens are allowed in the future.

It is also a strategy for operational cooperation in Faxport. Based on the establishment of a self-operating globalization platform, in view of the market characteristics of sports business, through the cooperation with various countries or regions, it is possible to implement more granular operations on localized operations. This is also a certain degree of decentralization.

If you are interested in learning more about Kuai Tiyu or want to seek more business cooperation in the Chinese market, you can find the contact details directly at 快体育 | 洞悉体育产业未来. It’s a young team full of enthusiasm.

Token Info


Pre Sale #1


1 ETH = 3,764.00 FAS

Mar 30 – Mar 31

Pre Sale #2


1 ETH = 3,613.44 FAS

Apr 1 – Apr 18

Crowdsale #1


1 ETH = 3,462.88 FAS

Apr 25 – Apr 29

Crowdsale #2


1 ETH = 3,312.32 FAS

Apr 30 – May 9

Crowdsale #3


1 ETH = 3,161.76 FAS

May 17 – May 30

Total Supply

200,000,000 FAS

Soft Cap

18,000,000 FAS

Pre Sale Target

40,000,000 FAS

Token Sale Target

50,000,000 FAS




November 2016

The Faxport project team is set up.


February 2017

Faxport beta operational.


May 2017

Database covering 40000 projects and companies established.


August 2017

Faxport enters into a partnership with the Chinese firm Kuaitiyu (no blockchain solutions proposal/).


November 2017

Media, recruitment and user system completed February 2018: Faxport reaches a co-operative intent in Japan.


March 2018

FAS pre-orders.


April 2018

FAS formally launched.


JUNE 2018

Faxport formally engages in work in Japan.


Q3 2018

Reward systems for recruitment, investment and financing, an users are completed atop the blockchain product.


Q4 2018

Entry into the Korean, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese markets; FAX GO demo launch.


Q1 2019

Blockchain product 2.0 finished.


Q2 2019

Launch data analysis for corporations, as well as internal management

and operations systems (Web and mobile clients).



Entry into the North American and European markets.


Faxport’s goal is to develop into the most mainstream and professional sports business service platform in the world. It aims to establish a more transparent and reliable sports economy based on blockchain’s three main advantages of security, transparency and efficiency.

In addition, as Faxport’s active user numbers grow, there will be a corresponding large impact on its network and radiation, leading to a fairer and more transparent global sports service market.


Right now, Faxport Crowdsale #3 is live, with 5% bonus. join now on https://faxport.io/tokensale . you can always read Faxport whitepaper on https://faxport.io/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf or join Faxport Telegram on https://t.me/Faxportglobal/ for more details information.

So, what are you waiting for? come join Faxport right away!



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