The global sports business market is one of the largest markets on planet earth today with different participants ranging from sports lovers to investors,developers, consumers, analysts and critics alike. The global sports industry is currently faced with certain challenges which have lingered for a while:

The issue of lack of trust has been a ‘’thorn ‘’ in the ‘’flesh’’ of sports industry generally. The sports ecosystem is constantly plagued with issues of insincerity and cheating. For this reason, the participation of sports enthusiasts has diminished. The need for a sports business platform that ensures transparency, sincerity and privacy security is inevitable and the perfect solution is Faxport.


Faxport is a sports business and funding platform based on blockchain technology. The company, Faxport Holdings Limited was registered globally in Seychelles for development and operations with all its operations conducted as a holding company though Faxport was set up two years earlier as a project group. Faxport utilizes decentralization being an advantage of blockchain technology to create secure encryption making it almost impossible for illegal alteration of data. This ensures transparency, builds trust and promotes positive interactions amongst investors, services providers and consumers alike in the sports ecosystem. With the help of artificial intelligence employed on the faxport platform, the identity and credentials of participants on the platform can be easily validated and verified by other participants during transactions on the platform.

Faxport eliminates the issue of data falsification, breach in privacy security and unnecessary data accumulation. Faxport also provides fund raising services;startup companies can raise funds for their projects on the platform, sports equipment manufacturers can raise research and development funds and presale for their new products, investors can also fund sports programs of their choice with ease through crypto currency. Product and service cycle are accelerated by faxport and stake holders in global online sports business are linked in the process. On the faxport platform, operating costs and general economic costs are drastically reduced, resources are optimally allocated and overall coordination is highly effective.


  • Re-establishing trust relationships amongst participants.
  • To establish a global interconnected communication networking platform for sports practitioners.
  • Accelerating mobility in global sports business.
  • Lowered economic costs.


FAX GO sports crowdfunding platform ­– connects small projects and companies in need of funds to investors looking for projects to invest in.

Business Database – proper organization and display of data from different sources.

Business Networking – connects people  based on trust for business and other purposes.

Talent Recruitment – provides upstream and downstream companies with the opportunity to recruit talents in required areas.


To a content producer: contents are produced for free. Outstanding contents are rewarded, poor contents are punished.

To Business Expansion Personnel:   cost of establishing trust is reduced, saves time and enables personnel interact with users through a reward system.

To New Sports Company: helps them gain interested investors, gives them access to guidance and wise counsel from experts in the field, also enables them find business partners easily.

Investor: enables them to explore or have first hand information on new companies, data requests can be gained from faxport coin, also provides return on investment faster.



FAS is an ERC20 ethereum based token circulated by faxport. It is used to purchase FX credit, in addition to the legal tender, allowing further purchase of different kinds of service products on faxport platform. Faxport platform credit also known as FX credit is used to purchase products, advertisement promotion, check data and carry out recruitments on the faxport server. FX credit can be purchased with FAS or with legal tender. FAS can be purchased in the market and its price is determined by the forces of demand and supply; FX credit on the other hand has a stable price which isn’t influenced by fluctuations in the price of FAS.


Crowdsale #3: 1ETH = 3,161.76 FAS: May 17 – May 30

Crowdsale #4: 1ETH = 3,011.20 FAS: June 3 – June 10

Total Supply: 200, 000, 000 FAS

Soft Cap: 18, 000,000 FAS

Pre Sale Target : 40,000,000 FAS

Token Sale Target : 50,000,000 FAS


20%( 40,000,000) : presale

25%(50,000,000) : crowdsale

22%( 44,000,000): faxport ecosystem preparation

15%(30,000,000): team

15%(30,000,0000); investors and advisors

3% (6,000,000) : marketing budget


15% : operations expenses

15%:partner networks

30%: sales and marketing

5%: reserve funds

35%: research and development


2016 Q4: faxport team established

2017 Q1: Faxport beta launched

2017 Q2: Completion of the database covering 40000+ projects and companies

2017 Q3: Faxport collaborate with Chinese company Kuaitiyu (without blockchain solution)

2017 Q4: Media, recruitment and user system completed

2018 Q1: FAS Crowdsale , faxport formally engages in work in Japan

2018 Q3: Reward systems for recruitment, financing and users are completed atop the blockchain product.

2018 Q4: Enter Asia market, FAX GO sport crowd funding platform

2019 Q1: building blockchain product 2.0.

2019 Q2: launch enterprise-oriented data analysis, internal management and operation system (web and mobile).

2019 Q3: entry into the North American and European markets.


Vincent Lee – Co-founder

David Hwang – Co-founder

Haibing Gong – Tech Partner

Tom Tong –Marketing Director

Hainan Hu – Tech Support

Hao Jiang – Business Manager

Aaron Zhao – Senior Business Manager Meider Shaw – Social Media Manager

Chiwai Ho – Customer Support Specialist


Jason Hung, Nanjie Wang, Shek Xiang, Alex Chang, Juan Otero, Timo Trippler, Alex Linenko, Thomas Mclaughin, Dean Karakitsos

Faxport provides a platform for participants with a user experience based on trust and security. With the application of blockchain features, issues of falsification of identity, alteration of data and other common problems associated with global sports business services have become a thing of the past. Faxport is no doubt, the future of global sports business; invest in faxport today. For more information on the faxport project, please check out the links below:

Website:  faxport.io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Faxport_Global-150461205635116

Twitter; https://twitter.com/Faxport_EN

Medium: https://medium.com/@faxport

Github: https://github.com/faxport

Telegram: https://t.me/Faxportglobal



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